The 5 Most Popular Car Brands in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the most number of luxury cars per capita in the region. Car sales are estimated to reach over 13 million in 2020. Which cars are the residents of the UAE most fond of?

Read on to learn more about the most popular car brands in the UAE.


Most Popular Car Brands

The residents of the UAE love their cars. If you’re heading to the UAE to work, visit, or live, check out the top five car brands so you’ll know what to expect.

If you’ll be the designated driver, know the rules of the road. Don’t forget to wear your seat belt. And never consume alcohol or drugs while driving.



Toyota is a popular brand in the UAE, especially the Land Cruiser Prado. This rugged SUV is newly designed and attractive. It’s also functional and comfortable. It comes in several models.

Standard on the car is a pre-collision safety system that detects a pedestrian. It also features multiple airbags.

There’s also rear parking sensors and other features for parking and backing up. You’ll appreciate the anti-lock braking system and brake assist.



In Dubai, the S-class Mercedes-Benz is the most popular model of this iconic brand. Mercedes offers a wide range of prices and products. It’s easy to find one that meets your needs.

Mercedes is a trusted brand known for durability and advanced technology. It’s sleek styling and famous comfort continue to ensure its place in the top five most popular car brands in the UAE.



Nissan is another popular brand in the UAE and has been for many years. The two most popular models are the Patrol Safari and Patrol. The baseline price of the Nissan Patrol makes it attractive. It’s also built for off-roading.

The Patrol has a powerful 5.6-litre V8 engine, but that doesn’t stop it from being fuel efficient.



Seen as a luxury brand, the Lexus LX 570 still does well in soft sand. Lexus ranks fourth in search volume at about 8.5%. This all-wheel-drive car has great brakes, a high-tech cabin, and good power.

It offers a smooth ride and has advanced off-road capabilities. It also comes with lots of standard features.

The acceleration is sluggish, and it doesn’t have outstanding fuel efficiency. It also comes with a high price tag.



Hyundai ranks fifth in searches with 6% of the search volume for cars in Dubai. One of the most popular Hyundai models is the Tucson SUV. Although it’s sporty, it doesn’t rank well for desert driving. It does have two available engines – the base model has 164 horsepower.

If you’re driving the kids to school or work, it’s a good alternative.


Most Popular Car Brands

Are you in the market for a car? Why not rent first? Rent one of the most popular car brands for a few days or a week to see if it’s the right car for you.

Or, if you’re coming to the UAE for a visit, rent one of these popular cars to use while you’re here. You may end up buying one!

Need information about renting a car in Dubai? Need directions? Contact us here.

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