5 Things You Should Never Leave in Your Car During Summer

You might be tempted to leave your wallet, cell phone, and other valuables in your car during the summer months of Dubai. However, these items are not safe for long-term storage in a hot vehicle.

RTA Warning

The RTA has issued a warning about the dangers of leaving cars parked on hot days in the UAE that applies on all the model of cars. They said that people should avoid leaving their vehicle unattended between 11am and 4pm, or when temperatures reach 35C or above.

It warned that if you do leave your car, make sure it has at least one bottle of water inside, as well as enough space to move around in and air conditioning running full-blast to keep you cool inside the car.

It also advised drivers not to leave any food or drink in their vehicle because this could increase the risk of overheating, which could lead to fire or an explosion in your car during summer months – something which is extremely dangerous for drivers and passengers alike.

Here are few things that you should never leave in your car during the summer season:


The sun can easily damage paper money, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Avoid using cash at all costs, since it will not be as safe as using credit or debit cards.


Cigarettes are susceptible to damage from direct sunlight. Instead of leaving them in the car when you go outside, consider using an ashtray or another container that is airtight and doesn’t allow the smoke to escape through the vents. When you get back inside, take out any cigarettes that were smoked outside so they don’t start smoldering again when it’s time for you to drive home.

Personal Documents 

If there’s a fire or other natural disaster while you’re away from home, having these important papers in your car could make things much more difficult for first responders if there’s an emergency situation at work or home. Take them with you whenever possible instead of leaving them in the car where they could easily become damaged by heat. If you’ve rented an SUV, put them in the glove box, since SUVs have large glove boxes.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should be stored inside a protective case as they are extremely vulnerable when left in a car. If you need your phone when you go out and it’s inside your car, make sure you keep it in sight and carry it with you at all times.

Lock the Doors

Keep both doors locked and make sure all windows are rolled up tight when you park your car. This will prevent thieves from breaking in through an unlocked window, which could lead to a lot of damage and cost much more than just leaving things unsecure in the first place.

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