Essential Things to Consider Before Renting a Car

Renting a car is an important part of any trip, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before booking. Here are seven things to consider:

Insurance Policies

If you’re thinking about renting a car, it’s important to double-check the insurance policies. What is the coverage for damage to the car? What is the coverage for damage to other people or property? How much is the deductible, and what happens if you are in an accident?

If you’re not sure what kind of coverage your company provides or how much it costs, ask them. And make sure to read all the policies in the contract as well.

One-way Rentals

One-way rentals are a great way to save money in Dubai, but they’re not always available. If you’re renting from an area with a lot of traffic and congestion, it might be good to ask about whether one-way rentals are offered or if there’s any way for you to get free or discounted ones.

One-way rentals are typically only available for cars because many people use them when traveling long distances or outer city of Dubai. If this is your situation, then this could be another good reason why getting a rental SUV is a smart choice!

Understand your Mileage Limit and Fees

The mileage limit is the maximum distance you can drive your rental car before it’s time to return it. This will vary from car to car and company to company. 

There are some fees associated with exceeding your mileage limit (and they aren’t always per mile). Some companies charge a daily rate while others may charge based on how far beyond their specified amount you go during each day. So make sure before renting anything whether or not these kinds of fees exist so nothing surprises you later!

Know the Car-rental Company’s Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of reserving it, you may not be charged a fee. If you cancel after the car reservation time is passed, there will be a charge to your credit card or bank account.

Research if you Need an International Driver’s License or Permit

You will need to check if your country of residence is eligible in Dubai for a driver’s license before renting any car in Dubai. If so, then it is likely that you don’t need a local driver’s license.

If you do not have an international or local driving permit, then it is necessary for you to obtain one. As per the RTA, a driving license is compulsory, otherwise, you’ll not be allowed to rent a car in Dubai.

These are the 4 Things you Should do before Renting a Car

  • Double-check the insurance policies.
  • Check the age requirements before booking.
  • Ask about one-way rentals, and understand that you may be charged extra for this. You can also ask if there is any way to get a refund on your money if you decide not to use your car at all (this is not guaranteed).
  • Understand your mileage limit and fees – it’s important that you know what they are before renting a vehicle so that nothing surprises later on!

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