Things to Do At La Mer

Many people have not heard about La Mer. La Mer is the newest beachfront in Dubai. If you want to experience the best of outdoor fun in Dubai, visit La Mer. La Mer has a wide area, which features laid-back charm, graffiti art murals, and palm tree-lined boulevards.

La Mer lies between Jumeirah Bay and Pearl Jumeira and stretches into the sea. It comprises four zones:

  • The North Island
  • The South Island
  • The Entertainment Hub
  • The Beach

The North and South islands comprise classy residential areas and beachfront villas. The Entertainment hub comprises a gymnasium, cinema, Trampoline Park, surf parks, water park, and over 100 establishments in the form of restaurants, shops, and cafes.

If you want to enjoy a day of pure relaxation, head on to La Mer. Tourists who love arts will also appreciate the harmonious and charming blend of contemporary and minimalistic designs in La Mer. La Mer had become an exciting addition to Dubai, where tourists can eat, play, and relax.

If you’re the type that loves beachside shopping, top-notch food by the beach, beachside reading, water park fun, or experimental surfing, La Mer is your best destination. If you care to know more about things you can do at La Mer, read on.

Note: Visiting La Mer Beaches is free. However, you would have to pay for some watersport you would like to do.

You Can Enjoy the Sun, Sand, And Beach

One pleasant thing you can do at La Mer is to spend your day at the beach basking in the sun and enjoying the sand in your toe.

There are many things you can do at La Mer beachfront – The North Beach or South Beach. Engage in some beach sports or exciting water games. You may decide to read your favourite novel. You can also recline in the balmy sun to relax with the picturesque views of the Arabian Gulf.

Surf the Wave

If you’re a good surfer, then you can go surfing at La Mer, cruising and gliding the waves. There are lots of exciting watersports and water activities you would enjoy from the two distinct beaches.

At the North Beach, you can enjoy all motorized watersports like Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Jetskiing, and Flyboarding, and Jetskiing. At the South Beach, you can enjoy all non-motorized watersports like Kayaking, Pedalo, Waterbike, Standup Paddle, etc.

Surf the Wave

Visit the Laguna Water Park

Perhaps, you don’t want to visit the beach, you can enjoy similar fun, thrills, and activities at the Laguna Water Park.

The Laguna Water Park has a wonderful star attraction that is found nowhere else in Dubai – the WaveOz 180. The WaveOz 180 is a surf machine and one of the only three 180° surf simulators present in the world.

Just like its name depicts, The WaveOz 180 creates waves on its 187ft. wall-to-wall wave stimulator. The machine offers a sea-facing ride, which adds more fun to the surfing experience.

More so, the Laguna Water Park features a deep pool, a kids’ splash zone, lazy rivers, and water slides.

Visit the Laguna Water Park

Bounce at Hawa Hawa

Who said the bouncing castle is meant only for kids? This bouncing Hawa Hawa is for everyone – both young and old. Hawa Hawa is a thrilling inflatable playground with the dune-shape concept. It comprises two dunes and seven peaks.

The smaller dune is for children under the age of six while the larger one is for everybody. These dunes were imported from Japan and are the first-of-its-kind in Dubai. The dunes are made of a strong, double-skin, tensile membrane. The immerse strength of the dunes allows for unlimited fun irrespective of the season.

Hawa Hawa is great for tourists who love low-impact, high-intensity activities. However, you should know that the larger dune has a weight limit of 99kg. Hawa Hawa is open to visitors from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily except on weekends where they are open from 10:00 am to midnight.

Entry ticket costs 25AED for a 15min session. Visitors would also have to pay an extra 5AED for socks to keep the site clean and hygienic.

Eat Delicious Meals in Alluring Restaurants and Cafés

La Mer has an appealing collection of restaurants and cafés. If you’re a food lover, La Mer is your paradise. At La Mer, you would always find get food that suits your appetite. Whether you want the Spanish Octopus, the Indian curries, or the Belgian waffles, you’ll get them all at La Mer.

With more than 50 restaurants and cafés spanning across both the North and South Islands, you have lots of options to choose from. Simply walk along the beachfront and follow the flavour that attracts you most.

Eat Delicious Meals in Alluring Restaurants and Cafés

Go Shopping at La Mer

Are you fond of shopping because that’s one of the best things you would do at La Mer. La Mer has a collection of concept stores, labelled ready-made brands, and boutiques.

Among these boutiques is “Hamac.” Hamac is an outstanding beachfront boutique that offers kaftans and swimming suits for beachgoers. Hamac also offers fun items like beach chairs, towels, sunhats, giant-size fruit-shaped inflatables, etc.

In case you need to give yourself a good look after swimming or watersports, Sephora offers alluring make-up pouches you can shop from.

Go Shopping at La Mer

Take Amazing Photographs

The last but not the least activity that makes our list of “things to do at La Mer” is taking amazing photographs that fit your Instagram.

Just as stated above, La Mer features picturesque scenery with inspired graffiti, playful murals, decorative art, etc. La Mer perfectly combines both contemporary and minimalist design elements, which makes the place an architectural masterpiece.

To be candid, La Mer can be said to be the most picturesque new spot in Dubai. So, if you need amazing or trending Instagram photographs, your go-to place is La Mer. Just ensure that your smartphone is fully charged and has enough memory space to hold your photographs. Don’t forget to come along with your selfie stick.



Listed above are some intriguing things to do at La Mer. However, don’t forget that to fully enjoy your visit to La Mer, you need to go there in a rented car. This will enable you to enjoy all of your time without the need to hurry up to catch up with public transport.

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