Time to Rent a Car in Dubai

Dubai is among the unique cities on the globe. Before the luxurious automobiles and skyscrapers, Dubai was a desert. While the city has evolved, the desert has maintained its original look. Tourists travel from every corner of the globe for desert safaris, dune bashing, camel riding, and belly dancing. Furthermore, the city is known for cultural diversity. Around 85 percent of the population is expatriates. That alone brings a level of interaction that you are unlikely to witness in other places. In other words, you will travel the whole world from a single location. 

Rental cars are the best choice for travelers in this city. They will allow you to avoid the hassles associated with public transport. Moreover, you can choose a short-term car rental or a long-term car rental. But because we all desire cheap or affordable deals, most people mostly ask, “when is the right time to rent a car in Dubai?” Should you rent a car immediately after you land in the city or several months before traveling to the city? The best thing to do is research when the town is busiest and less busy. That way, you will know the right time to Rent a Car and save money.

 When to Rent a Car

 We have two seasons in the car rental market – the low season and peak season. While rental cars’ prices will always look the same, seasons and times have a significant effect on them. So, you have to consider the time of year you want to visit the city and decide when to book a car. Here is what to expect in each season.

 When to Rent a Car

 – Peak Season

This is the time of the year when people travel to Dubai to enjoy the cool breeze and near-perfect weather. The season is usually between November and March each year. One of the things that attract people is the favorable temperature, usually between 24 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius. Dubai winter also starts at this time. It features pleasant weather suitable for site-seeing and outings.

Even more, the much anticipated and loved Dubai shopping festival happens during the period. During the festival, which occurs in January, people get a chance to buy anything. Sellers travel from all corners of the UAE and other neighboring countries to sell their products. That means you will have many items to try.

You will get a 75 percent discount on almost every product you buy. Furthermore, individuals travel from all corners of the world to buy jewelry, electronics, fashion items, and other items. In February, you will have Dubai’s Jazz festival and Valentine’s Day.

People who travel to enjoy the favorable winter temperatures land in this city between December and February. At that time, you should expect very long lines and thick crowds. People travel from many places and make the city crowded. If your goal is to avoid peak season, you should avoid booking rental cars at this time.

– The Low Season

The low season starts after the peak season. It mostly begins in April and ends in October. Only a few tourists travel to the city during the season due to the expected high temperatures. Most summer days are sunny and pleasant. However, in the middle of summer – July and August – the days are scorching.

So, it will be hard to explore the city between July and August. If you have to travel during the hot season, you will need to consider some indoor activities. That means renting a car will not be a good idea.

The Best Time to Rent a Vehicle in Dubai

As we have stated, most people travel to Dubai during the cool months – between November and March. You should also visit during this time of the year if your goal is to enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities. Tourism is usually peak due to the cool weather, an influx of people, and gentle winds.

If you love a combination of nice weather and lesser crowds, you will need to visit between November and December. You can also visit in the first half of March when car rental companies offer the best deals.

Car rental prices are usually high during the peak season because every company will be capitalizing on the increase of people in the city. Still, the costs will not rise as you might expect them to grow in other places.

If you need the best rental car deals, you will have to book during the low season between April and October. Do the booking at least 4-5 months before your trip to save more money. Almost every car rental company offers discounts at that time to Rent a Car. Moreover, the number of tourists is usually deficient.

Comparison of Peak and Low Season Car Rental Prices

The daily car rental prices for the high and low seasons help you make an informed decision. The prices also vary according to the car rental class and models.

Comparison of Peak and Low Season Car Rental Prices


The car rental prices you expect during the peak season are very similar to those you wish during the low season. Dubai receives tourists throughout the year, including in summer when temperatures are unbearable. However, you will need to book a car for at least four months before leaving your country if you need the best deals. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in making an apprised decision.

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