Top 5 Reasons For Renting Kia Pegas in Dubai

If you want to rent a car in Dubai for a joyful drive experience, Kia Pegas 2020 is the best option. The supermini car is designed to facilitate a small family during their travel.

Moreover, we can provide you this amazing and beautiful vehicle at the lowest price. There are so many reasons to Rent Kia Pegas. However, to enlighten your thoughts we have listed the top 5 reasons below.

1. Stylish Car with Youthful Charm

Kia Pegas 2020 is a stylish mixture of dynamic precision and youthful charm. With our car rental facilities, this ride is booked at the cheapest price. You can visit our company rent a car or book your ride online.

Once you have decided to rent this car, we will give you free delivery along with free pickup services. The best thing about our car rental service is that if you change your mind there is no cancellation fee.

Rent Stylish Kia Pegas in Dubai

2. Cheapest Rental prices

If you want to rent a Kia Pegas 2020 Brand New for a day you will be charged AED 85. However, for a week our company offers the most reasonable price of AED 600 per week. But in the case of the month, you will get an amazing discount price of AED 1210.

The customers who need drivers can acquire the facility with additional driver charges of AED 150. Moreover, the VAT (value-added tax) of 5% (AED 61) is also added for booking.

3. Interior Designed for Your Comfort

The interior design of Kia Pegas 2020 Brand New gives you maximum comfort. It gives you room to stretch your legs while driving. You can easily reach your requisite destination whether you are driving alone or with your family.

The seats are manufactured in such a manner that you can get full lower back support. Most importantly the front seat height is adjustable to get headrest. People who suffer from back pain can get this car on rent during traveling.

Rent Kia Pegas 2020 in Dubai

4. Connectivity on the Go

Want to get connectivity on the go? If so, there are multiple efficient features in Kia Pegas 2020.

For instance, it comes with a Bluetooth option that will allow you to make easy phone calls. It means you will be able to communicate effortlessly while driving. You can also listen to your favorite music with 6 speakers inside the car for more enjoyment.

Rent Kia Pegas fully featured in dubai

5.Safety & Security for your Family

During traveling it is always best to ensure safety and security. Just for that Kia Pegas 2020 comes with a parking sensor. For kids, there are ISOFIX child anchors and speed sensing auto door lock systems in the car. It helps you to reduce the risks of damage to your ride and your loved ones.

Rent Kia Pegas with Safety Features in Dubai

In case of an emergency like an accident, this car has front airbags along with electronic stability control. Moreover, the cruise control system helps to drive at a constant speed.


Our company offers cheap car rental in Dubai just to accommodate your traveling experience. It is best to take assistance from our dealers to get more information about renting a car. Nevertheless, Kia Pegas 2020 Brand New will give you the most ease and comfort.

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