Top Attractions in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a huge intertwined on-going developing multifarious that was formerly known as Downtown Burj Dubai. It is considered as the most famous innovation or benchmarks like Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, and Burj Khalifa. Moreover, this magnificent beauty has a worth of 20 Billion American dollars in just the area of 2sq. Km. 

According to 2017, the total population of Downtown Dubai is 13.2K. Along the Sheikh Zayed road, the progress is started to the vicinity on the northwest of Al Wasl. Meanwhile, it is surrounded by Business Bay and Financial Centre Road along the south and northeast. However, it is part where it gets separated from Zabeel 2 and Trade Centre 2.


What does Dubai Downtown offer to visitors?

From the Old Arabic lingual to the modernist architecture, preserving its historic style of Arab in Old Town. Even though the rest of Dubai is all about high-rise up-to-date buildings, this place is its standard. 

If you are wondering about visiting Downtown Dubai, you will get plenty of sites to see. Moreover, it offers from high-end hotels to luxury and attractive markets, souk, and cafes, etc. To give you complete guidance of perfect spots we have mentioned the popular attractions. So, while your visit you can plan each and every step accordingly. 

Downtown Love Heart

Explore the phenomenal scenes at Dubai Fountain

Bellagio Fountain! Yes, the famous fountain of Las Vegas and the Dubai fountain, both are the art of the same people. The swarms of tourists, holding their mobiles, and cam creating memory along the boundaries of the fountain. 

Now, Dubai Mall captures a specific fragment of performance of half-hour every day in the evening. However, you would not need to dig your way to find a spot. Because you can simply enjoy the action while having lunch at a nearby café or restaurant.


Have Fun & Sharpen your skating skills on Dubai’s Ice Rink

No one can deny the pleasure of skating in a city like Dubai.  In this place, you could have a lot of fun for just Dhs50. Moreover, you can also have an amazing experience by skating for 2-hours long. 

So next time while you visit Dubai must enjoy your winter perks in a hot dazzling summer of Dubai at Dubai Ice rink.


Prepare yourself for the Longest elevator ride “At The Top”

If you want some adventure in your life prepare yourself for the longest elevator ride. As in Dubai, you can have an exciting experience of more then 1.4 thousand feet above the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. 

Imagine yourself watching the Dubai fountain in single sight and Burj Khalifa Park. Because such beautiful sites can only be observed: “At The Top”. This place is specially designed as the world’s highest outdoor sightseeing platform


Visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

In order to see marine life, you can go to Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Always know that deep diving is not an easy task, but you can still see the marine life at Dubai Aquarium with a 270-degree walk through. 

At the 2nd level, Underwater Zoo and ecological zones of all-region and biodiversity are present. Moreover, it’s a great place to spend your leisure time with love-ones. 


Play your Favorite Games at the Sega Republic

In order to enjoy the theme park rides and arcade games, the Sega Republic is a Middle East development project. You can have fun with games such as a sonic hopper, giant slider, and stinky feet, guitar hero, etc.

Moreover, the charges to have fun with these games may vary from 15-30Dhs and 8-25Dhs each respectively. For all the geeks and gamers, the Sega Republic is a must visit.


You can spend some quality time at Emaar Pavilion

All those people having a love for buildings have a special area in Emaar Pavilion. You can enjoy your visit with some quality reading material.

Moreover, you can also have a free Wi-Fi connection. It is an exclusive non profiting traditional pivot with 2 galleries and 1 café. However, it is also a good place for folks to do their business easily.


Attractions for your Children at KidZania

A fantastic place where you can teach your young ones about practical life. At KidZania you can also educate your children about career options for them and prepare them for the future. 

In a nutshell, KidZania is a place where all career opportunities like a businessman, a sports car driver, hairdresser, and many more can be learned. 

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A perfect picnic spot at Burj Park

Burj Park is a place where you can enjoy excellently trimmed grass and give you the beautiful view of Burj Khalifa, also you can have a picnic with your love-ones. Moreover, you can also choose a cycle ride provided by the park you hire at the entrance. 


Renovate your living hood by shopping at Dubai Mall

If you are looking for the renovation of your wardrobe, hoi polloi of sweets, or upgrading your beauty products shop at Dubai Mall. You will get everything you could ever want, or you ever desire to buy at this place. 

As being one of the largest and biggest malls around the world, it has its perks. So, do not worry if you spend too much because it’s the stop where you could get whatever you want.


Gather your memories from Souk for handicrafts

An ideal place for shopping for gifts you can buy antiques, exceptional carpets, etc at the Souk of handicrafts. Get gifts for your family and friends as a reminder for them. It is a place where you would feel the most being in Dubai. 

Being a market in Dubai and not having any Arabic touch is quite unusual. So, besides the Arabic corridors, there is some good art that is also available in the Souk.


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