Top driving tips during a sandstorm in the UAE

Driving in the sandstorm is full of threats that can make you fearful of the situation. The sandstorm knockouts the Gulf Area at least two times a year. The chance of the colliding of the vehicles rises million times more in the sandstorms than in the usual weather situations. The finest advice to the motorists is to entirely avoid driving when a sandstorm is predicted. But if found driving in a sandstorm, you should have know-how about the situation of getting out of it securely.


Following are the instructions to drive carefully when a sandstorm knockouts your city.


Must choose a car designed to drive in sands

Dubai is a sandy place where you can always have more risk of sandstorm so choosing a car that is designed to drive in the sand accordingly can lessen the risk of collisions during a sandstorm. For this purpose, Rental Cars UAE is only a platform that understands your need. You can rent a car in Dubai according to your satisfaction for saving yourself from sandstorm. So, contact us for such coupes that can save you in stormy risks.


Stay indoors and abstain from Driving

Sandstorms are regular matter in the Gulf region and the motorists are used to it more often. But these sandstorms at times become so dangerous that driving gets extremely tough. You must check the weather predictions before getting out of the home and if a sandstorm is in the forecast, you ought to prefer sitting at home and waiting for the sandstorm to clear out.


Drive slowly and keep all the lights of your Car turned on

If you have to go somewhere urgently then for traveling in a sandstorm, you must understand the methods to drive carefully in such a weather condition. You need to drive gradually and keep all the lights of the car turned on as the view in a sandstorm gets too low to the easiness of the drivers. The obedience of the signs becomes very obligatory when you are driving in a sandstorm.


Keep fair distance from other vehicles

As the sand shields the roads, the visibility reduces to the point where it gets hard for motorists to discover other vehicles. In such a case, it is warned to keep a fair space from other vehicles so that the crashes can be escaped.


Don’t stop rapidly

You must not break with a sudden bump if you are driving in the sandstorm. Due to invisibility in the sandstorm, the other drivers ought not to see you discontinuing and it can cause an accident.


Keep the Windows of the Car locked

You should not open the windows and vents of the car in a sandstorm condition as it will fill your car interior at the risk of big amount dust. Keep the air vents inside your car locked and for the best shield, wear a mask to escape from the dust sniffing into your respiratory system while you in hale breath.


Try to get to a higher ground

When driving in a sandstorm, you ought to discover a way out that is a little upper than the ground level. The extremeness of the sandstorm is uppermost when you drive nearest to the ground. When we go higher the intensity of the sand get lighter.


Park the car at a side and turn off all the lights

When you see the sandstorm force frequently growing, skip driving and stand by the car on a road side and turn off all the lights. Keeping the lights off will give the signal to another motorist that there is the way on the road while your vehicle is on the edge so, the possibility of collision will increase. You must start driving when it would clear up to 300 feet.


Don’t smoke

As the visibility is already at peak, you must not do smoking as it can further distortion in your view making it tougher to drive.


Don’t drive on tons of sand

When a sandstorm is everywhere, you must have a look on the roads and skip driving on the paths that are laden with the tons of sand. Driving in such situation can lose your control over your vehicle.


Keep your car radio on

It is an advice to keep your radio on to get aware of the updates about sandstorm that may help you to have know-how which areas are most probably with the chance of hitting by the sandstorm with maximum intensity and when it is going to end up.

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