Things to Remember When Travelling with Kids

Any family that travels together will grow together. Everyone in the family will show respect for others and realize that their most fabulous friends can be their family members. Unfortunately, planning for a family trip can be a complex task, particularly when it involves children. You will have to strategize appropriately and consider the needs of every kid for the trip to be successful.

To help you plan for a journey that involves kids, a car rental in Dubai is an ideal means of transportation. Additionally, we have listed several things that you should remember during the process. It will help you travel fearlessly with preschoolers, young kids, and teens. Here are the things to keep in mind.

Things to Remember When Travelling with Kids

– Your Kids Have to Participate in the Planning

Kids love tiny projects. So, you have to sit them down and ask for their ideas. Ask them what they would want on the trip. Would they want big cities, mountains, beaches, relaxation, adventure, or a small town? They will tell you everything they want. Ensure that everything you plan for is children-friendly. Anything that can bore your kids will make them unhappy.

– Pay Closer Attention to the Nutrition of Your Kid

Pay Closer Attention to the Nutrition of Your Kid


Never load up sugary treats and junk food with your kids in your vehicle’s back seat. Your kids might enjoy the food for a while, but it will eventually make them low on nutrition and unfit. Go for healthy treats like popcorn, seeds, nuts, cut fruits, granola bars, yoghurt, and fresh juice. You can also provide them with a bag of chips occasionally. Ensure that your children are drinking enough water to eliminate chances of heat stroke or dehydration.

– You Will Need Breaks

It will be a mess when you and your kids spend many hours in a car. Tiffs will break out, and your kids will be irritated and annoyed because of the many clash opinions. To avoid that, you will have to stop after every two hours. Allow your kids to stretch their legs, walk around, and enjoy some fresh juice. After running around for a few minutes, they will be ready to travel. A little picnic lunch will make them happier.

– Sleeping Situations on the Road

Travel, whether it is by car, train, or plane, will rob your sleep. The effects can be detrimental for babies and young children who accumulate sleep debts very fast. So, you have to ensure that your children have had enough sleep before leaving for any trip. Babies and children who have enjoyed enough sleep will adapt faster to any environment too.

Your children will be naturally excited when planning for travel. Some may even be stimulated, something that prevents them from sleeping. For that reason, you will have to ensure that the departure and arrival times are closer to the nap time.

For example, if your baby naps in the morning, leave immediately after the morning nap. The first nap is refreshing and will help your baby curb tiredness. Again, you will have to arrive at your destination around bedtime. If the day naps were short, arrive earlier.

– Choosing Accommodation

It can be tough to reach accurate accommodation, particularly when travelling with your kids. You will have to consider the safety issues and individuals to cater for. When possible, search for local boutique accommodation facilities that offer large-sized rooms.

Any room you choose should be comfortable. So, when possible, you will have to go for one that provides a separate living area. Such a room will allow you to have a good time in the evening after spending time out with your kids.

Also, you will have to ensure that it is situated in the central part of the town and your target sites are within walking distance. That will save you more commuting time and cost. You will have the option of getting back to the room during the daytime for a rest.

Keep in mind that rooms in a central location are expensive, and they might be facing noisy streets. Choose hotels that offer free cot or an extra bed at no cost. That way, there will be no need to pay for a triple room.

– Creating an Itinerary

The initial move in creating an itinerary is listing the ages of your family members and each person’s interests. Keep in mind that your mobility will be limited when travelling with babies or toddlers. You do not want to overestimate the abilities of your kids when travelling to a new location. Manage the expectation by listing all the must-dos and nice-to activities and attractions.

Still, you will have to identify the critical interest areas – for yourself and your children. If you have foodies in your family or keen sports fans, choose something that will delight them. You can go for a mix of child-geared and adult-geared activities for the best experience.

– Packing for the Travel

When travelling alone, you can throw a few items into your carry-on and start your journey. That is not possible when travelling with your kids. You will have to consider your destination and the things to do there. Also, think about the weather to expect and the number of days you plan to spend there when packing.

Things to Remember When Travelling with Kids


Even more, you will have to plan on each day of your trip and the clothes your kids will wear. Add socks, underwear, and accessories. If possible, allow the kids to select the outfits. Remember to pack allergy-safe snacks for your kids with allergies. Find them on the road can be challenging. Choose fruit/veggie pouches, seeds, granola bars, crackers, and dried fruits.

– Travel Slowly

Slow travel allows you to learn a new language and culture. Moreover, it will reduce your travel expenses. When travelling with your kids, it will give your children a chance to relax and allow the impressions to sink in. So, take a break after every sightseeing trip and schedule stay-at-home days so that your kids can play and swim.


While you will have more fun when travelling with your kids, you should also expect drama. That may start with your baby crying, your teen’s puberty blues, toddler’s tantrums, and finally eternal run-ins. The above tips will help you avoid such problems. Further, it will help you pack for yourself and your kids, choose the best room and destinations, and rental car. You will avoid most of the expected travel hassles.

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