UAE’s Latest Traffic Rules and Regulations Guide

The UAE has been a pioneer in the field of traffic management, introducing the first comprehensive Traffic Regulation Rules and Regulations in 2002. Since then, it has further developed these rules to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on roads across the country and prevent smartphone usage.

Traffic Rules and Regulations Guide 2022

According to the new edition of UAE’s Latest Traffic Rules and Regulations Guide 2022 for all vehicles including rental cars as well, motorists should follow all directions given by traffic officers at all times while driving on UAE roads. They can be fined up to Dh500 if they disobey any instruction given by a police officer or mentioned on a sign board while driving.

Driving License Test

The UAE has made it mandatory for all drivers to have a valid driver’s license. In order to obtain one, you need to pass a test with the help of an authorized driving school. The test consists of a written test and an open-book test.

The written test consists of 50 multiple choice questions that cover topics such as traffic signs, road safety rules, laws, traffic rules, etc. 

Road Traffic Law Explain

The Road Traffic Law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been developed in accordance with the Federal Law No. 10 of 2007 on Road Traffic Safety. It is a comprehensive law that governs all aspects of road traffic including the following: 

  • Road traffic rules and regulations,
  • Driver’s licence validity period and renewal process,
  • Requirements for driver’s licenses, 
  • Rules on driving licences, 
  • Penalties for parking in a wrong way, 
  • Penalties for not having a valid driving license or improper driving license renewal procedure, 
  • Penalties for not having proper driving license plates and documents.

Speed Limit

The new rule allows drivers to reach a speed of 120km/h on highways, dual carriageways, and major roads. This means that drivers will have to travel at least 60km/h on highway roads. While the speed limit on residential and public roads is restricted to 40-60 Km/h.

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