3 Ways UAE Police Detect Smartphone Use Violations

The law states that a driver must not use a mobile phone while driving, but many do anyway. The problem is that there are 3 ways for police officers to track down those who break this law. Here are three ways they do it:

According to the new law, any driver who uses his or her mobile phone while driving will be fined Dh200.

Using VAST System

VAST cameras are another way that police officers can track down motorists who are breaking the law by texting or calling while driving. If a motorist is caught breaking this rule two times within six months, then they face an automatic ban on their licence which lasts three years. However, if they’re caught again after that period then they face even longer restrictions on their licence – five years or more depending on how many offences were committed in total during this time period

Using GPS Tracking Devices

In some countries such as the UAE, police can use GPS tracking devices to track down offenders who break the law by using their phones while driving. These devices are often used by police in conjunction with other equipment such as radar guns and cameras to catch people out. In some cases, they can also be used as evidence against motorists who have been caught breaking other laws too.

Smart Patrols Cars

In 2020, UAE rolled out its smart patrol unit which is associated with road safety and traffic rules. Their cars are equipped with advanced radar, infrared, and tracking cameras that track those drivers who use smartphones or violate traffic rules.

The UAE police officers in patrol cars are also a way of tracking mobile phone usage while driving. If any citizen or tourist is spotted while using a smartphone by the cop, the office will issue a complaint against that driver that will cause a fine or challan.

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