Precautions While Driving After Covid-19 Pandemic

Staying safe is one of the most important lessons learned during the COVID 19 pandemic. When things get back to normal, it is important to take precautions, especially while driving. In order to easily get around Dubai rent a car will be a wise decision. As a result, you will need to protect yourself by following these crucial precautions.


Follow Safety Driving Precautions

To stay safe and drive safely, you need to consider all the safety measures and precautions that have been set. These include;


1.        Understanding the Contaminated Surfaces on a Car

The best way to stay safe against COVID-19 disease is to use proper sanitation procedures before touching surfaces. If you get car rental in Dubai, the following services might need to be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Both exterior and interior door handles
  • Gear level
  • The steering wheel
  • Dashboard
  • The seat belts
  • Cup holders
  • And the radio dials

These surfaces need to be disinfected before using the car. An alternative is to use hand gloves while driving.


2.        Be Careful Of Fuel Pumps

You will need to refuel your car as you drive around. The fuel pumps are one of the dirtiest places that might contain germs. Fuel pumps are touched by thousands of people from different places, which poses an infection risk. You should, therefore, consider using protective hand gloves at the filling station and dispose of them to avoid infection.


3.        Make Fewer Stops

The other precautions you need to take is to avoid having regular stops. This requires you to plan your trip ahead of time in order to have strategic planning to avoid excessive stops. The more stops you make, the more likely you will be exposing yourself.

In order to determine the number of stops you are likely to make, you should have a weekly plan. With a weekly plan, you will take necessary measures to stay safe during the stops you will make during this time. Are you planning to do errands such as grocery shopping for the week? You can combine all these tasks and do them all at once.


4.        Use Contact less Payments

There are several instances when you will be making payments. Some of the things you will be paying include; car hire, parking fee, gas, shopping, groceries, etc. You can use cashless payment options available in Dubai to avoid touching the widely used payment gadgets or surfaces. There are several contact less payment options that you can use these include; Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Gay, FitBit Pay, etc.


5.        Always Sanitize Your Hands

You might pick up germs or viruses from somewhere else, so you need to sanitize your hands. This will prevent you from introducing the germs to the car. Wiping the car surface regularly will maintain cleanliness and discourage virus survival.

The hand is the greatest carrier of the virus, and therefore proper sanitation is important. Washing your hands with soap and water will also help save from germs and viruses.


6.        Avoid Many Passengers in the Car

Sometimes you can be tempted to give a ride to strangers. This increases the risk of them introducing the virus into your car. It is your responsibility to ensure that passengers follow hygiene practices such as washing their hands or sanitizing.

Passengers should sit in the back seat of your leased car. This is a great way to maintain social distancing and reduce the risk of getting diseases.


7.        Prepared in Advance

Before driving to your preferred destination, it is recommended that you prepare well. You should carry hand sanitizers, wipes, dry tissues, and disinfectant in your car. This will help you to easily disinfect surfaces for maintained hygiene.

You should consider the above precautions at all times while driving. These will help you to stay safe and avoid contracting diseases such as the COVID 19 disease. The secret is to keep your car clean at all times.

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