These places to be visited in Dubai with Rent a Car

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If you have visited Dubai, United Arab Emirates then you can attest that the place has some of the most beautiful tourist attraction sites in the world. This city has a collection of everything ranging from the world’s tallest building to several man-made islands and beaches. Initially, a desert in the middle of no nowhere the world has witnessed this great city rose from the sand and is currently in every person’s list of destinations. Every year thousands of tourists find their way to this great city to have a piece of what it has to offer. The hospitality services offered here is world-class making it even easier for visitors to make return visits. The city also has several rental car services such as Rental Cars UAE which will make transportation very easy for you during your visit. If you are planning on making a trip to Dubai here are some destinations that you should add to your visit list.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a unique man-made island that is in the form of a palm tree, several visitors both local and international like spending a good part of their visit here. Apart from being uniquely beautiful, this island is also home to some of the finest hotels in Dubai. A good number of hotels offer five-star services to their customers. A good example is the Atlantis hotel which is known all over the world for offering top-class services.There are different thrilling activities that you can take part in while you are here and the best part is that there are amenities to meet the needs of everyone, both kids and adults can have endless moments of fun while at Palm Jumeirah. To have easy access to Palm Jumeirah you can get a car from Rental Cars UAE.

Burj Khalifa

This is one place you must visit to get the best scenes from your visit,recognized as the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa is basically Dubai’s finest. Towering a height of 829.8m with one hundred and sixty-three floors the sight of this building is exactly what you need to make your trip memorable. You can have dimensional views of the city below by using the observation deck that is at the upper stories of the building. Nighttime views are the best as you will be able to see the light panoramas covering the city. Burj Khalifa is strategically located so you can get there without breaking a sweat by using Rental Cars UAE.  If you are planning to make a visit to Burj Khalifa ensure that you book the tickets early to avoid being inconvenienced by very long lines. This applies to the weekends and days nearing the weekend.

Dubai Museum

If you want to have a taste of Dubai’s history the Dubai Museum is the place to be. Endowed with a historical architectural design this museum has several historical artifacts that will help you to know more about Dubai. The museum also has a collection of cultural items that were used by early inhabitants before this desert city became what it is today. You can also get to know some of the early rulers of Dubai by heading to the archive section. From the pictorial displays, you will get to know the development story of Dubai as a city.The museum is located on fort Al-Fahidi and you can get yourself here by using any of the available rental car services such as Rental Car UAE.

The Dubai Creek

This is also another place that is worth visiting;Dubai creek has the configuration of both the old day Dubai and modern-day Dubai. It is among the few places in Dubai that still preserve some of the traditions of Dubai. You will find Arabia vessels that are over a century old in this part of town,and because it divides the city into two, Deira and Bur Dubai this place is considered an important destination especially for the locals.You can spice up your trip to the United Arab Emirates by gracing the Dubai creek with your presence.


This place is famous for housing the highest number of traditional markets in Dubai (souks). Visiting this place can give you a rough idea of the cultural diversity that is in Dubai. Different cultural artifacts from different corners of the world can be found in the markets at Deira. Different traditional trade items such as spices and rare types of wood can also be found in this place. So if you plan on carrying some Arabian spices home consider paying Deira a visit.

Dubai Fountain

The artistic displays at the Dubai fountain are mind-blowing and are something close to magic. This is made possible by the jets of water that shoot up in a choreographically organized pattern. This can be a calming sight to see as the water rises to about 150 meters from the ground giving a spectacular display. During the day you are most likely to see rainbow-like patterns when the water is shot up against the rays of the sun. It is important to note that the water shoots up during specific times of the day so ensure that you are there at the right moment.

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