What is the suitable time to get a car for rent

It is the most important factor to keep in mind that rates of rental cars keep changing throughout the week. Prices may change due to some factors; like specific holiday, model of the car, car renting company, etc. All rental companies try their best to rent out as many cars as possible, consequently, they increase the rates of rental cars as per demand also.

Why you book in advance ?

Compare the rates online instead of finalizing after seeing a single deal. After going through different prices of companies, now you are supposed to decide about the maximum price you are willing to pay for renting a vehicle. Book it ASAP when you find yourself satisfied with a particular deal. If a company offers you a cancellation option free of cost.

Avoid booking at the last minute

It is completely fine to book a car closer to your decided dates if your schedule is not tight and it’s flexible enough. Moreover, if you are traveling alone or with your partner and you do not have any formalities then you have enough room to book at the last minute. Better you book at least before 48 hours.


You can get the best rates for your car rental in ramadan, weekends, public holidays, summer and winter time.

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  • 4999 AED / Month 4500 AED / Month
  • 350 AED / Day 290 AED / Day

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