What Is Salik And How It Works?

Whether you’re a tourist or you’re residing in the UAE, you need to know what Salik is and how it works. This is very helpful when you drive your own vehicle or ride a hire car.

This article is written to help you understand everything you need to know about toll system in the UAE. Read on to become more aware of what this term is and how it works in Dubai.


What is Salik?

Originally, Salik is an Arabic word, it simply means “open (clear) and moving” in English.

However, the word has been adopted for Dubai’s road toll system. Now, It is known to be a form of electronic road toll system in Dubai that operates without the typical barrier or toll booth.

The toll system, which was created in 2007 by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), automatically handles road users’ fees.

All motorists in Dubai have to buy a special tag that is attached to their vehicle’s front windshield. They also have to add credit to this tag to pay the toll fee.

Dubai Salik

How Does Toll Work in Dubai?

As stated above, all motorists must buy a special tag, which should be attached to the front windscreen. This tag is the Salik tag and it holds a readable electronic chip containing a unique identification number. At each toll gate, a scanner is installed to read this electronic chip. This scanner operates based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.  The scanner operates in all weather conditions and irrespective of the vehicle’s speed to accurately identify the vehicle.

Once a vehicle passes through the toll gate, the scanner automatically scans the readable tag attached to the front windscreen and deducts a fee. With this Dubai toll system, motorists in Dubai don’t have to slow down or stop when they pass through toll gates.

All motorists are expected to have purchased prepaid cards to load their toll accounts from where the toll charges will be deducted each time they pass through toll gates.


Where Can Motorists Purchase this Tag?

You can buy a tag at ENOC petrol stations, EPCO gas stations, Emirates NBD, and Dubai Islamic Bank. There is also an online system that offers sales of these tags. You can also top up your account or open an account at the outlets above.


What Is A Salik Account?

If you will be driving in the United Arab Emirates, you definitely need a Salik account. The first time you buy this tag, your toll account will be opened. Your details and that of your vehicle are required to open the account. These details are then saved and linked to the readable tag. This tag will hence help the Dubai toll system to identify you and your vehicle.

Note that simply opening a toll account or sticking the tag to your vehicle’s windscreen is not enough. You must properly and always pay your toll charges. So if you have a tag on your windscreen but have insufficient money in your toll account, this may result in a fine. You will also have to pay a fine if the tag on your vehicle is not registered to your account.


How to Open a Salik Account?

An account is opened for you when you purchase your first Salik tag. At that point of purchase, you must submit a completed application form. Application forms are available at the outlets listed above and you can download them online.

While opening your  account, you need to provide both your personal information and your car registration details. Once your open your account, you will receive your account number through SMS.


Where Are Salik Toll Gates In The UAE?

Here is the list of the toll gates located in the UAE:

  • Al Safa tollgate
  • Al Mamzar South tollgate
  • Airport Tunnel tollgate
  • Al Mamzar North tollgate
  • Al Maktoum Bridge tollgate
  • Jebel Ali tollgate
  • Al Garhoud Bridge tollgate
  • Al Barsha tollgate


How Much Is The Toll Fee?

Motorists needs to pay the fee of 4 AED per entry at each Salik toll gate.


Is There Any Maximum Amount To Pay On  Toll System Daily?

Initially, the maximum amount to pay on the toll system is 24 AED per day. This means, when you pass through six toll gates and pay a total of 24 AED, you no longer have to pay if you pass through other toll gates for the day. However, this system changed in 2013. The new system places no limit on the number of times a vehicle passes through the toll gates daily. That means if you pass through all the eight toll gates in a day, you need to pay charges accordingly.

And note that there is no Salik-free hour or day. The toll system operates 24/7 including Fridays. However, only the Al Maktoum Bridge toll gate is Salik-free on Friday and also at night.


What Is The Fine For Not Paying Salik?

If you pass through a toll gate with insufficient money in your account, you have to pay 50 AED fine. However, you can evade this fine by recharging your account within 5 working days.

Note that a motorist can only default in paying a toll charge per day. Therefore, if you pass through multiple toll gates in a day with insufficient money in your account, you will have to pay 400 AED fine each time you pass through a toll gate.



From the article above, you would have seen that Salik is a well-designed automatic toll system that charges motorists via RFID technology as they pass through toll gates.

So, you’ll never queue at a toll gate on any highway in the UAE. You’ll also pay toll charges when you hire a car from Rental Cars UAE. This already charged to your bill and explained as part of your rental options by our customer service. Rental Cars UAE is topmost car rental companies in Dubai, that offers rental options for economy cars, sports cars, compact cars, luxury cars .

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