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Ice skating is a wonderful year-round activity that will keep you fit and active. You do not need to travel to a frozen lake to ice skate because you can enjoy this activity in Dubai Ice Rink when in Dubai. You can enjoy it, including when the temperature outside is above 100 degrees.

The control, stability, and strength associated with ice-skating make it a fun way to stay fit. People of all abilities and ages can try it either recreationally or competitively. Dubai Ice Rink offers you the gear you need to try the activity. Furthermore, the experienced coaches are ready to guide you through the whole process. All you need to get to this place is the monthly car rental in Dubai.


About Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink is only a few minutes’ drive from The Palm and the popular Jumeirah beaches. Situated in Dubai Mall, it is a perfect choice for both the beginner and expert level skaters. What’s more, Ice Rink borders many entertainment centers, shops, and cafes. It has 300 spectator seats close to the ice and a store that offers ice hockey and skating merchandise.

Expect various public skate sessions during the daytime and rocking disco at night. The place offers many entertainment opportunities that make it a key destination for tourists and expatriates. You can have your lunch, skate, shop, and even watch your favorite Hollywood movies.

Here are the things to do in Dubai Ice Rink.


Learn to Skate

Public ice-skating is usually open throughout the year in this place. Private lessons and snowfall lessons are also available. The Ice Rink has a unique system that delivers artificial flakes after every ten minutes.

Each fall takes around one minute, and a tank situated below the ground pumps special snow fluid to the roof. Moreover, down trusses that hold four snow machines pump four liters of the special snow fluid each snowfall session. When pumped, the fluid changes into flakes, which disappear into the surfaces. They will disappear into the floor, jumpers, and hats of the players.

Snowfall sessions last for 90 minutes, and they take place between 11.45 am, 3.15 pm, and 5 pm – Sunday to Wednesday. Between Thursday and Saturday, they take place at 11.45 am and 5 pm. Each session costs Dh40 for kids and Dh95 for adults. Dubai Ice Rink offers helmets and skates for rent.

Ice skating is a useful activity that allows people to work out while having fun. It offers balance, lower body strength, aerobic activities, and coordination. You will need a lot of energy to skate around the Dubai Ice Rink.

For that reason, most expatriates and tourists in Dubai have been choosing it in place of walking. You do not have to play computer games, watch television or work out on an elliptical. Moreover, your kids will remain active to get rid of the extra energy.

Apart from helping you stay fit, ice-skating will allow you to make many new friends. The classes offered at Dubai Ice Rink allow you to meet people and network with people from other places. Recreational players develop the skills they need to become hockey and figure skaters. Besides, they make many lifelong friends.

Take Ice Hockey Lessons

Ice Hockey came into being in the year 1873 after James Creighton formulated its rules. Today, it is among the most popular sports on the globe, and you can learn to play it in Dubai Ice Rink. People play this game in ice rinks measuring 200 feet by 85 feet, with each team consisting of six skaters at a time. The players include two defense men, three forwards and one goalie. In North America, college and professional games last for 60 minutes. Each game has three 20-minutes sessions.

Some people refer to the game as hockey, but the ice aspect differentiates it from the other types of hockey. Ice hockey players have to exhibit agility and speed. Again, the players have to control the hard rubber disc with a stick while skating on the slick surfaces. That might be the main reason for number of spectators is always high in Dubai Ice Rink. The sport attracts men, women, and children. Coaches at Dubai Ice Rink are ready to teach you how to play this interesting game.


Join Family DJ Party

Music makes every party great, and that might be the reason Dubai Ice Rink hires the best DJs for parties. Regardless of your age, you will enjoy a family DJ party. A Dj family party involves more than music. For example, your kids will try various games and songs.

Family DJ sessions in Dubai Ice Rink take place each day, and guests can skate as the tunes play. Moreover, the place offers penguin skate aids and double-bladed skates for kids who are still learning the art of skating. The price is Dh 84 per person and Dh 36 per child.

The DJ family parties take place at 3.15 pm between Sunday and Thursday at 1.30 pm and 3.15 pm on Friday. On Saturday, they take place at 11.45 am and 1.30 pm.

Try Disco Ice Skating

Dubai Mall offers shopping and skating opportunities for tourists and expatriates. However, it also takes in-mall entertainment to another level. You can drop your kids for ice-skating lessons and try something different. You can enjoy the ice dance parties that allow you to take each curved corner as you move to the beats. If you love competitions, try Broom ball.

Practice Skating

New skaters, whether young or elderly, have to practice to improve at figure skating. Ice skating requires more practice, and most people will practice each day. Fortunately, coaches at Dubai Ice Rink know that, and they, therefore, open the place for free skating each day.

Serious skaters require two to three sessions per day, and most of them skate six days a week. The venue offers rental skating gear for the guests. In other words, you will have everything you need for your practice. Rent a car in Dubai to get to this place faster.


Whether your goal is to free skate, enjoy disco nights parties, take skating classes, Dubai Ice Rink is the best place. The in-house Frosty Cafe allows you to refuel yourself with the refreshment like in zabeel park. You can enjoy best beverage or food after every skating session. Lastly, some people host birthdays for their kids here.

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What’s New at Dubai Ice Rink

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