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For most people, traveling to the UAE, particularly Dubai, is a magical experience. There are many beautiful features to witness in this place. In case of a family trip, a romantic vacation, or a business trip, Zabeel Park allows people to try many activities. Currently, it is the biggest park within the city, meaning that it can be hard to cover the whole area within one day.

Start at Area A, which is the main entrance, walk along the tree-lined walkways and relax on the grass. If you have more energy to burn, jog for a few minutes on the track running through Area A and B. Alternatively, walk to the tranquil environments far from the hassles of the city.


About Zabeel Park

Situated in Zabeel district, Zabeel Park has an area of 47.5 hectares, which is equal to 45 football pitches. On the north, this park borders Sheikh Rashid Road and on the south, it borders Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road.

Zabeel Park lies between the Dubai World Trade Center and Al Karama and covers a large area of Al Kifaf. The many entrances allow people to start their exploration from various angles. You can access it from the Dubai Metro Red Line through the Al Jaffilya Station or renting a nissan kicks.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum inaugurated the park in December 2005 as a public park. This park can accommodate 2,300 vehicles, and the entrance fee is only AED 5. Today, it is among the most frequented places and a destination for live music and sports lovers.

The recreational facilities in the park include a 4.3km jogging track, pedestrian tracks, skateboarding park, and BMX track. Others include picnic and barbecue areas, children’s play areas, mini cricket pitch, golfing area, shaded seating, ice skating, lakeside restaurants, and a boating lake. The 4.3 km track surrounds the park, and you can jog with your friends there. In addition, you will find prayer rooms, an exhibition gallery, monuments, and a fitness center.


Zabeel Park Has Three Areas

Zabeel Park is the largest park in Dubai, and it covers 47.5 hectares. It provides many attractions aimed at families. During your travel, you can choose to start your exploration either on Area A, Area B, or Area C. The Sheikh Zayed Road divides the three areas, but there are pedestrian bridges to link them. Here is what to expect in each area.


Area A

The key feature in Area A is the Dubai Frame. Currently, it is the largest picture frame around the globe and offers fantastic views of the new and old Dubai. In this area, expect to find many playgrounds with climbing frames and slides for kids. Furthermore, you can rent a bicycle to ride around the perimeter or run on the jogging track.

Area B

Area B offers the Dubai Garden Glow, which is always open in winter evenings. Moreover, the fantastic light displays change the area into a wonderful area for partying. Other attractions include ice sculptures at the Ice Park and animatronic dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Park.

Dinosaur Park offers huge life-like dinosaur models. During the Dubai Winter Garden Glow, you will find animatronic dinosaurs walking across this park to give it a prehistoric era look. The best time to visit the park is during the cold winter months. At that time, the Winter Garden Glow provides many interactive games for the whole family.

Area C

Area C is designed for shows and events. Hence, you should not expect many features here. You will have to walk or drive to the eastern side to get here. Rent a car in Dubai to reach this area faster.


Zabeel Park Flea Market

A Flea market is a form of a bazaar that offers or rent space for individuals who want to barter or sell merchandise. Thus, most of the items you will find in Zabeel Park Flea Market are seasonal products. For instance, you will find used goods, collectibles, cheap items, and collectibles. Also, you will get baked goods, fresh produce, vintage clothes, and plants from the local farms.

The market has more than 200 second-hand sellers, and it gets over 10,000 buyers on the first Saturday of each month. Therefore, if you are planning to visit this place on such days, you should come early to avoid parking issues.


Getting To The Park

The park has many entrances. Use one of the following gates to reach your target area faster.

Gate 1: use this gate to get to the Al Jafiliya Metro Station faster. It is situated on the western side. Therefore, it will allow you to get to the children’s playground faster.

Gate 2: situated on the northern side of Area A, this gate allows you to enter the park from the Sheikh Rashid Road or Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street.

Gate 3: use this gate when entering the park from the northern side. Also, it is close to the footbridge leading to Karama and off the Sheikh Rashid Road.

Gate 4: use this gate if the first thing you want to witness is the Dubai Frame. Besides, it will lead you into Area A from the eastern side.

Gate 5: this is the gate to use when entering Area C. It is situated on the eastern side of Zabeel Park.

Gate 6: use this gate to enter the Dubai Garden Glow. Also, it lies to the south of Area B and off Al Majlis Street.

Gate 7: this gate lies to the west of Area B. Hence, it is close to the Trade Center Roundabout. Even more, it is the second entrance to Dubai Garden Glow.

What is the entrance fee of Zabeel Park?

Right now, the entrance fee of Zabeel park is AED 5 per person. But there is no entrance fees for children under 2 years and differently-abled people.


The Gate to Use

Finally, to avoid missing a spot to park your car, use Gate 1, Gate 2, or Gate 4. Zabeel Park offers enough parking for 3,000 vehicles. Monthly car rental in Dubai allows you to explore the place in a better way. Facilities at this park include cafes, BBQ area, free WiFi, prayer areas, food stands, and toilets.

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Visit Zabeel Park with Rental Cars UAE


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