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The challenge among car enthusiasts around the globe remains noteworthy. Because of the decision whether they should spend all their bank account on buying a car. Or simply lease the latest shiny car. For certain people, to get a car on lease or purchasing it is a matter of money.

Lease a car for 3 months in Dubai

Key factors to consider for a Car on lease

The car lease installments relay on various factors that are mentioned below:

Lease cost of the vehicle

The cost of the vehicle is the first key factor. It is decided when you lease a car with a car rental company. Rental Cars UAE offers huge discounts to their customers. You can get the cheapest car lease deals from any Rental Cars UAE’s location.

Lease time period

The time period of the lease that could be 3 months, 12 months, etc depending on your requirement. However, with the increased number of months, the charges of car lease get ultimately cheaper.

Mileage limit of the car

For each car, the mileage limit may vary according to your requirement. But generally, all the cars come with a mileage limit of 10,000 per year. In case if you exceed the mileage limit of the vehicle you will be charged the extra amount.

Similarly, if you rent a car that has a higher mileage note that you will be charged with some additional cost.

Lease Charges while renting a car

When you purchase a car on loan you are bound to pay interest rates on the vehicle. Similarly, with a car lease, you will be paying some additional cost not rather than a percentage as rental charges.

Lease Fee and additional tax charges

The car rental companies sum up the additional cost into the lease plan. Therefore,  the additional charges do not have an impact on monthly installments. However, if you pay additional money with the down payment, the monthly cost will eventually dropdown.

At the time of lease it does not look like an ideal option. To put an excessive amount of money on a rental vehicle. Because eventually, you will have to return the car at the end of the lease period.

However, if you are certain about purchasing it at the end. It will diminish the cost at that point.

Lease a car from Barsha Heights

Barsha Heights is a combination of a commercial and residential urban community. Many tourists and natives from other homelands are living in Barsha Heights with a moderate and advantageous way of life. You can expect services like hotels and residents offering a laidback vibe to numerous people.

The best thing about Barsha Height is its multicultural environment. Where you can settle a professional and personal life easily. If you are planning to visit or work in this area you must need a rental car to make daily traveling hassle-free.

With the help of a rental vehicle, you can easily visit all surroundings. More so, explore business hubs, and hidden areas in the city as well. Other than that, here are some exciting benefits to lease a car in Barsha Heights.

  • When you lease a car from Rental Cars UAE you will be paying less.  i.e. lower installments each month as compared to a loan.
  • Meanwhile, you can also hire a luxury car that you can not buy even on loan because of the cheaper car lease deals.
  • You will be offered with the latest model on the renewal of the car lease contract. So less worrying about the depreciation of the car.
  • With the right insurance plan, you can drive your car without any hassle of maintenance. Even in case of damage, our car rental company will cover you.
  • With a personal car at some point, you worry about car resale value. But with a car lease, you will just simply return the car.

Distinctions Between a rental car or personal car

If you buy a car on loan or lease a car the distinction on monthly payments varies. As the car lease is cheaper than monthly installments of the loan. But the fact is on lease with your installments you are not developing any value in the vehicle.

On the other hand, on a decided price you can purchase the vehicle at the finishing period of your car lease. However, the loan installments are based on the sale cost of the vehicle. Along with the loan plan like the number of months for paying the full cost.


Rental Cars UAE has a vast range of vehicles that are available on lease at the cheapest car rental rates. For every occasion, whether you are traveling for a client meeting or day to day work. Or a road trip with the family, we will provide you the right vehicle.

Moreover, If you are looking for car hire contact us now and maximize your traveling comfort.




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