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Frequently Asked Questions

How I can save on monthly basis booking ?

Renting a car for a long time is usually cheaper than renting a car on a daily or weekly basis. Provided you are renting the car for at least 30 days. Moreover, Rental Cars UAE offers superb cheap monthly car hire rates that enable you to have more costs to save.

Will I get easy car replacement incase of accident ?

A monthly car rental offer places you on a longer-term hire contract with us. Hence, you qualify for an easy car replacement in case of an accident, breakdown, or any other unfortunate event. Breakdown and accident are not planned but they do happen. With affordable monthly and weekly car rental offers, you won’t sacrifice your safety, convenience, and comfort.

Will I get a free car maintenance with monthly booking ?

You wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance with our monthly hire plan. We will handle the whole car maintenance – collection, servicing, restoring to original condition, provision of spare parts (if necessary), etc. All you need to do is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the car to drive you around.

Why Monthly Car Hire ?

Our cheap monthly car hire is well-suited for those who need transportation for an extended period of 28 days or more. Perfect for those who prefer ease and convenience over unnecessary stresses. With our offers, renting car is cost-effective and convenient. You can choose from a wide collection of vehicles ranging from best quality sedans to sporty convertibles, and from economy cars to full-size SUVs. Rental Cars UAE offers huge savings when you rent for at least more than 28 days.

What Does The Anti-Theft Alarm Do?

What the anti-theft alarm does is that it makes a sound that prevents someone that isn’t authorized to go into the vehicle from entering. It makes a very loud noise if it detects any suspicious movement when you park your car and leave it unattended.

What Does It Mean When You Say ABS (Anti-lock braking System)?

The anti-locking braking system is an automatic safety system that assists the car wheels in rotating when braking heavily. This is good because it helps a driver from spinning out of control in a difficult situation.

What are the interior features in Chevrolet Aveo?

Even though Chevrolet Aveo has small proportions, it provides plenty of legroom, headroom, and visibility, thanks to the tall profile and the generous greenhouse. The layout of its cabin is simple but logical. Both the hatchback and sedan boast a 60/40 split-folding rear seat, which allows for easier transportation of long items. The hatchback provides 37 cubic feet of cargo space with its rear seats stowed. The cargo space reduces to 15 cubic feet after the seats are up.

What is the engine performance of Chevrolet Aveo ?

Every Chevrolet Aveo features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which offers 104 pound-feet of torque and 108 horsepower. All the standard models offer a five-speed manual transmission, but the 1LT and 2LT variants offer a four-speed automatic transmission. The manual-equipped vehicles can achieve 27 mpg when cruising in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. They achieve 30 mpg for combined city and highway cruising. The Chevrolet Aveo with automatic transmission offers 25/34/28 mpg.

What are the safety features in Chevrolet Aveo?

The key safety features of the Aveo include airbags to protect the passengers from frontal and side impacts, safety belts, and child restraints. It also features Passenger Sensing System to keep the children properly secured in the rear seat or the appropriate child, infant, or booster seat.

What are the safety features in Kia Picanto?

The Kia Picanto Hatchback is fitted with a rearview camera. The camera helps you guide the car as it displays the image on the 8" display screen upfront. This feature is very useful when you are parking or reversing the car. Ultrasonic sensors emit beeps to help you maneuver around any obstacles behind your car.  In addition, the Forward Collision Avoidance-Assist (FCA) helps make driving a pleasure instead of a stressful experience. The FCA also helps in warning the driver and even automatically applies the brakes to reduce the chances of collisions and accidents. 

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