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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Five People Sit Comfortably in Nissan Urvan 2021?

Yes, easily, as it accommodates 15 people.

What is The Trunk Space in Nissan Urvan 2021?

It has three seats with cargo space and enough space for all the passengers.

What is The Engine Performance of Nissan Urvan 2021?

The 2.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine generates 127 horsepower and 356 Nm torque.

What are The Interior Features of Nissan Urvan 2021?

Nissan Urvan 2021 has a black and grey interior. The van is spacious and has a very high roof. The seats are comfortable and adjustable with fixed headrests. It also has a water bottle cabinet and cup holder.

What is the cabin size of Toyota Granvia 2021?

The cabin size is ideal for inter-city travelling or long road trips with a large size family.

Can 5 people sit comfortably in Toyota Granvia 2021?

Yes, easily as it is a 8-seater MPV.

What is the trunk space in Toyota Granvia 2021?

There is not much trunk space but if the 4th row is folded, there is plenty of space.

What is the engine performance of Toyota Granvia 2021?

This 3.5-Litre V6 produces 277 BHP with a fuel efficiency of 9.1km/litre. The engine runs through a 6-speed automatic CVT transmission.

What are the interior features of Toyota Granvia 2021?

Toyota Granvia 2021 has a black and white interior. It has a front and rear air conditioning system, USB charging port, handy tray, and bottle holder. Toyota Granvia 2021 also has reading lamps and sunshades.

What is the cabin size of Kia K5 2023?

The cabin size is 16 cubic feet, which is spacious and more than the average mid-sized sedans.

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