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One of the reasons why Dubai witnesses a large influx of visitors every year is mainly because of its thriving tourist industry. Dubai’s world-class infrastructure and its amazing natural flora and fauna boost the tourism industry.

One of the most-visited parts of Dubai is the Jumeirah Lake Towers. This part of the city has all the trappings of a first-class city. It also has a thriving resident and working population.

Renting a car from JLT is a good idea and here is why

If you are planning to visit Dubai any time soon and you need to hire a car to move around the city, here are 5 reasons why JLT is the ideal place to hire one.

5 Reasons to Hire a Car from Jumeirah Lake Towers

#1.  So many car rental companies in the area

The first reason we can think of is the large pool of car rental companies operating in and around Jumeirah Lake Towers. The competition to attract clients is high, so you can use this to your benefit. Due to the large population of people commuting within and around the area, rental businesses thrive in this location. Having access to a large carpool increases your chances of landing a very good rental deal.

 #2.  Attractive Rental rates

If you understand the laws of demand and supply, you know why finding attractive car rates in the area is plausible. With so many cars in the area up for rent, car companies offer prospects attractive deals to beat the competition. People who rent cars at JLT have a hard time renting cars from any other location. The competitive rates on offer are a huge turn-on for many.

You also need to factor in the advantage of comparison this offers you. Rather than compare prices of cars in different locations, you can compare prices within the area. And once you are sure you’ve found a good deal, you can go ahead to seal it. The only thing better than renting a good car is to rent it at a very affordable price.

#3.  Jumeirah Lake Towers is a Central location

JLT, as it is fondly called by locals, is a central location for work and nightlife in Dubai. There is so much to do and many places to go in JLT. Renting a car at JLT ensures that you do so at a location that is convenient for you.

In case you are not familiar with the area, JLT is home to residential low-rise apartments with a residential population of about 60,000. As for the working population, it is twice that number.

At Jumeirah Lake Towers, there are educational institutions (at least 2 universities). There are also exotic open roof bars and several medical centers. You will also find hotels and continental restaurants in the area. If you like to go on excursions or Safari camping trips, there are several tourist hot spots in and around JLT.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are hiring a car for business or for pleasure. Since JLT is a thriving business, tourist, and residential area. Making a decision to hire a car anywhere in JLT is a smart move because it is a beehive of activities.

5 Reasons to Hire a Car from Jumeirah Lake Towers

#4.  High-quality vehicle maintenance

Nobody wishes to hire a car that will break down in the middle of a highway. Hiring a car that is in good condition should be your priority when looking for a car to hire. Well, if you decide to make JLT your car rental source, you have nothing to worry about.

The cars on our platform are in good condition. This is down to the regular maintenance policy of the rental companies operating in the location.

Car renters only issue cars in good condition. In the case of long-term rentals, the company will draw up a maintenance schedule for you. During the course of contracts, rental companies conduct regular maintenance on their vehicle.

This policy is put in place to ensure that their vehicles remain in good condition at all times. In a situation where the maintenance schedule is likely to affect your itinerary for that day, the company will arrange a replacement for you.

#5. Save money on parking lots

There are so many parking lots in the JLT area. Parking lots are great, but they cost money to use. Imagine if you had to use 2-3 parking lots daily that will cost you a lot of dirhams, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, rental cars do not attract parking fees, and that’s great news for you.

You can park your car at any parking lot close to where you are visiting and never have to worry about such fees. The rental company takes care of parking fees. Hiring a car from JLT is a good way to save money that you would have spent on incessant parking lot fees.


Hiring a car from Jumeirah Lake Towers is such a good idea. You get to save money on gas and parking lots, and you also get to connect easily with any other location for business or for pleasure. There are so many car rental companies offering customers attractive rates to use their cars. This provides you with an opportunity to get a good car for a much-discounted price.

In addition to all these benefits, you also enjoy the excellent customer services that car rental companies provide. From regular car maintenance to car replacement during emergencies, you get an ultimate customer experience. So when next you are in Dubai, and you are looking for a good location to rent a car, look no further than Jumeirah Lake Towers.

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