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Jumeirah Beach Residence is among the popular and frequently visited places in Dubai. The beach has picturesque surroundings, and it has been a key pearl farming and fishing center. Within the last few years, it has evolved into a residential area among the western expatriates and elite families.


Jumeirah Beach Residence was known as Chicago beach until the late 1990s because it was the site of the Chicago Beach Hotel. The Chicago Beach Hotel was demolished to create room for Burj Al Arab. Today, Jumeirah is categorized into three zones: Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, and Jumeirah 3.

Jumeirah Beach stretches for over seven kilometers along the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf. It provides an enjoyable and unforgettable escape from hectic routines. The warm waters and sandy beaches allow people to immerse themselves in various water sports, such as swimming and banana boat riding.

Other activities include sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and parascending. This beach has many lifeguards, so you should never worry about your safety. All you need is sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and a hat to engage in water sports.

The many bars and restaurants across Jumeirah Beach will serve you at any time. Try Italian pizzas, European treats, Chinese specialties, or any other international cuisine. To reach any of the restaurants or bars at night, you only need a rental car. You can book it online and have it delivered to your place of choice.

Why Book the Rental Car Online

You will enjoy many benefits by renting a car online. Here are five of the benefits.

Price Comparison

With online rental car booking, you can compare the pricing of various car rental companies. Apart from the rental rates, car rental companies list their policies and facilities. Further, you will find reviews of their customers and review sites.

After opening any rental comparison site, search for the car you need, and then insert your location and the date and time you would want to have it. The site will display the vehicle options and sizes for easier comparison. Search through all results to identify the best deals.

Furthermore, some companies will require you to deposit some money for a car reservation while others will want you to pay the whole amount. Remember to select a pick-up and drop-off location to get the exact price

Get Proper Rental Information

It is hard to call or visit every car rental company in Jumeirah to know about the types of cars they provide. In contrast, you will get all the information you need when booking online. Rental companies list all the types of cars they have.

They also list the features of each car. So, you will know whether the car you are about to book has electric windows, audio systems, power steering, airbags, and central locking.

The companies also list their policies such as late penalty fees, unlimited mileage, pick-up, and drop-off and petrol policy. What’s more, rental car support will be more helpful during the car booking process. You will have all the information you need for better travel.

Easier Car Reservation

Not every rental car company will have the car you need. You might therefore be forced to choose a different car within the same range. Online booking allows you to reserve your preferable car during your trip and have it at your place of choice. That helps you save money and time during your travel.

Keep in mind that most rental companies keep only the newest car models that offer great gas mileage. Further, the cars are unlikely to break down regardless of where you go. You can contact the rental company for assistance if a problem arises.

No Need for Phone Calls

While rental companies offer 24-hour customer support, most of them will require you to call during office time for the booking. The operators may not answer your calls after that time. That is a huge problem with on-call and in-person booking. On the other hand, you can book a car online at any time.

After you open the company site, you will only need to search for your car of choice and enter the preferable pick-up and drop-off location in Jumeirah Beach. Pay the rental fees to wait for the car. Further, you will get an online receipt after paying for the car.

Save Time

You do not have to leave your home or hotel room for the rental car reservation. Online booking allows you to do it from any place. Use your company to surf through the rental company details, services, reviews, and pricing.

After that, you can decide on whether to rely on them or not. That offers great assistance, particularly for people who have no time to visit all the rental companies in Jumeirah Beach.

Benefits of Free Delivery Service

Car rental companies know that your time is precious. They also know that the process of selecting a good rental vehicle can be problematic. Therefore, some rental companies in Jumeirah Beach will deliver the car you choose to your door.

The delivery service is at no cost. However, they require at least three days of rental. Again, you can confirm the rental within 24 hours. They will contact you when driving to your place to confirm the estimated arrival time.

Free vehicle delivery comes with many benefits. It will save more time so that you enjoy your vacation. Further, the car rental company will inform you about and any extra fees and allow you to make more arrangements. Companies base the car delivery and collection fees on distance from the branch and your location.


Wrap Up

Do not build your Jumeirah Beach Residence exploration around public transportation. Instead, choose a rental car, pay for it, and have it delivered to your door. With a rental car, you will drive out whenever you want and travel or shop at any time.

Whether you are in Jumeirah Beach Residence for leisure or business, a rental car will help you see many things. Go sightseeing and visit as many attractions as you want. You can also go on road trips to see everything that Dubai offers.

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