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Kayak Car Rental Deals in Dubai

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Are you searching for rental cars at the airport or nearby locations for your trip? Get the top car hire service in Dubai with Kayak car rental on


Dubai offers some of the most beautiful architectural designs. For instance, Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world. Burj Al-Arab hotel is another key attraction, and it is the only 7-star hotel in the world.


Moreover, the city has a beautiful road network, and it offers beautiful landscapes and structures. Burj Khalifa makes Dubai one of the highly visited cities in the world.


The car rental industry in this city is among the fastest-growing industries. In the year 2018, the industry made $1.8 billion in sales. Further, estimates show that the sales are likely to increase to over $2.5 billion by the year 2025. The sales have been increasing rapidly because most people traveling in the UAE prefer car rentals.


Kayak Car Rental in Dubai is among the reliable car rental companies you will come across. The company offers car rental services for government, corporate entities, and individuals. Furthermore, it allows you to hire a car, whether you are a tourist or a Dubai resident. Here are some of the reasons you would want to rent from this company.


Kayak is a great metasearch engine that allows you to find cheap hotels, flights, and rental cars in many parts of the world. The metasearch engine displays all the information about the available car rental deals on the search result page. Further, it provides search results filter options to allow a faster finding of the best deals.


Kayak came into being in the year 2004 and revolutionized the travel industry. Today, the site processes more than 6 billion queries for travel information each year. The primary goal of Kayak is to help all travelers make confident travel decisions.


With each query, the website searches many travel sites to display the information travelers require to find the best rental cars, hotels, flights, and vacation packages. They also offer an app for iOS and Android devices to help their customers find rental cars when in any place.

A Brief History of Kayak

Booking Holding is the owner and operator of this car rental agency. The company also owns other travel search engines like Hotels Combined, Mundi, Checkfelix, and Swoodoo. Kayak offers mobile apps and websites in more than 18 languages in over 30 countries.


Paul M. English and Steve Hafner started the company in the year 2014. Before, Steve Hafner had helped start Orbitz and led the business development, marketing, advertising sales, and product marketing activities. The founders named the company Travel Search Company Inc. but changed the name to Kayak Software Corporation in the year 2004.


The company started with 14 employees in a small office, but today it has over 1,000 employees. The employees work across their seven international brands, such as Cheapflights, Momondo, SWOODOO, Kayak, and Hotels Combined. Further, the company acquired Booking Holdings in the year 2013. Booking Holdings is the leader in the online travel industry.

How to Find Rental Car Deals on Kayak

The main goal of Kayak is to help you reduce your travel costs. They will therefore help you find the best rental car deals, regardless of where you are traveling to in Dubai. The website aggregates deals from many car-rental agencies and shows the best options from the city you choose. After finding reasonable deals, you will have to click on them to get more information about the rental company, such as taxes, full-price, and rental company information.


To begin the search for a rental car on Kayak, input your city and the travel dates in the search bar. The search bar is situated near the top of your computer screen. After entering the information, move to the top left and decide on whether you would want to drop off the car in the same location or a different one.


To find the best deals on Kayak, you have to shift your travel dates to the weekend. Car rental companies offer better deals on weekends. If you prefer traveling on the weekdays, choose weekly options to get discounts.


Further, some memberships will help you reduce your travel expenses. For example, AAA and AARP members get discounts on rental cars. Some companies also offer military discounts and employee discounts.


Check the webpage carefully before booking to identify discounts. If there are no discounts, contact the rental companies to know whether they have any discounts. Even more, you can skip the premium rental locations such as the airport to save more.


Click on the calendar to choose the travel dates, the pick-up time, and the drop-off time. Furthermore, you can choose to see all the comparison sites below the location box. The option allows you to see the rental prices from Hotwire, Hertz, Avis, Budget, and Priceline.


The website displays all available rental options on the left side to help the users narrow down the results. You can filter the results according to the car capacity, payment type, car type, and price, and car agency. Even more, you can filter the results according to the car transmission type and the number of doors.


A simple car search will display the available options and the prices on a Dubai map. The price will not include taxes. So, you will have to click on your preferable result to get more information, including the real price.


Offers Many Car Options

You might take a lot of time to choose a car for your travel to Dubai, particularly if you do not know the type of car you require. Everyone has unique needs, which dictate the choice of cars. Kayak Car Rental Dubai knows that.


Kayak Car Rental in Dubai, therefore, provides a wide range of cars at an affordable price. After defining your needs, you will find the process of choosing a car to match your needs easier. Here are the types of cars they provide.


  • Economy Cars

Kayak Car Rental economy cars are ideal for people who would want to avoid public transport in Dubai. They are also ideal for those who would want to avoid the expensive cab fares in this city.


One big benefit of economy cars is that they are fuel-efficient. They include Nissan Micra, Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta, and Fiat Panda. They also include Renault Twingo, VW Polo, and Seat Ibiza.


  • Compact Cars

A compact car rental can enhance your trip to Dubai. Kayak Car Rental offers a wide range of compact cars for their clients. The cars combine versatility and affordability.


They are, therefore fun to drive and ideal for people traveling alone. Cars in this class include Seat Leon, Ford Focus, and Renault Megane. They also include VW Golf, Opel Astra, Audi A3, and Seat Leon.


  • Mid-Size Cars

If you require more space for your luggage or more legroom, a mid-size car is a better choice. Kayak Car Rental Dubai provides a wide range of mid-size vehicles for their clients. Therefore, expect 4-door wagons and sedans. You can rent a Volkswagen Jetta, Renault Fluence, Seat Altea, Skoda Superb, or Toyota Avensis.


  • Full-Size Cars

Full-size cars are ideal for people traveling with their families. Further, roomy cars provide adequate passenger space. You will have a separate trunk compartment and adequate legroom. The cars in this class include BMW 3-series, Volvo S60, Audi A4, Mercedes C Class, and Skoda Superb.


  • Luxury Cars

You can rent a convertible, sports car, exotic car, or an SUV to make your vacation complete. Kayak Car Rentals in Dubai offers a wide range of prestigious cars from various brands. So, expect vehicles like Mercedes SLK, Mercedes E Class, and Audi A6.


  • SUVs

An SUV car rental will help you travel to any place without worrying about the rough terrains. The cars are also ideal for people traveling with their families because they have room for many bags. They include Mercedes GLK, Toyota RAV 4, Dacia Duster, BMW X 5, and Mercedes ML.


  • Vans

If you are planning to travel as a group or with your whole family, you will possibly need a van. You do not have to rent several cars when moving to one place. A van will offer enough space for your luggage.


Further, vans range from 7 passengers to 12 passenger cars. They include Peugeot Expert, Ford Galaxy, Renault Traffic, Opel Zafira, and Mercedes Vito.


Booking the Rental Car

Kayak will display the best deals, and their closeness to your car pick-up location. It lists the cars and their prices on the left-hand side. If you need a map too, you will have to check the right-hand side of the results page. Keep in mind that Kayak displays the total price for the number of days you plan to use the car.


To complete the booking, you will have to click on the “View Deal” button. The button will direct you to the official car rental website to complete the booking. When on the official site, check the details to confirm it is what you need. Further, you can add the offered extras, such as a second driver, child car seat, or GPS device.


After choosing the car and extras, click on the reserve button. The button may have different names such as “Book this Car” or Reserve this Car,” but it is the same thing. At this stage, you can also add insurance.


However, check whether your auto insurance also covers rental cars. Your credit card provider may also offer a form of rental car insurance.


The car rental company will require your biological information and your credit card details. So, you have to add your name, address, and the name on your license. The company may also require your flight information so that they can know when you will land. Some companies may accept debit cards.


They Offer Extras

During the vehicle booking stage, Kayak Car Rental in Dubai will present add-on items. While you can purchase the extras separately, paying for them during the booking will save time. They include insurance, GPS, and child seats.


A GPS may cost you between $12 and $15 per day, and the company offers it at weekly and monthly rates. An infant seat will cost you between $10 and $25 per day.


24/7 Customer Services

Kayak Car Rental Dubai strives to provide the best car rental experience. They, therefore, welcome both negative and positive feedback from their customers. You will find their customer service easy to reach.


Further, you can contact them at any time – both day and night. So, if you are unsatisfied with their services, you can contact them by phone or email. They work hard to resolve issues as they arise.


Car Maintenance Services

Kayak Car Rental will handle all vehicle repair and maintenance. Moreover, if a problem arises during your trip to Dubai, you can call them for help. They will provide a replacement car so that you can continue with your journey if a need arises.


Some of the problems that their team will handle during the rental period are key lockout, dead battery, and lost key. So, never panic after locking the key in your rental car or after misplacing it. Furthermore, you can call them at any time if you run out of fuel. They will offer the fuel you need to continue with your journey or breakdown assistance.


Conclusion – Kayak Car Rental

Kayak Car Rental Dubai offers a wide range of vehicles for its customers. Therefore, you have to base your car selection on your needs. When traveling for a very long distance, a luxury car will provide you the comfort you need. When traveling with your family, you will need a spacious car. You need enough space for your whole family and luggage. Still, a convertible is worth renting if the weather allows it.


The rental car booking process is among the least exciting trip-planning moments. In most cases, you will have little time to compare deals or find the cheapest. Kayak makes rental research work easier. It offers a price predictor tool that will help you identify cheap deals faster. It also provides a map to help people choose the rental agencies closer to their pick-up location. The site will save you time and money.


After defining your needs, you will find the vehicle selection easy. Kayak Car Rental Dubai also has a reliable customer service team.




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