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If you are looking for a car, then this article is for you. You can search for cars on one click drive, and you will find a different type of car. is known as the Dubai online car rental market place.

Maybe you are looking to rent a car here; we offer the best rental car price that you will never find elsewhere.


The one-click drive is here to help you get your dream car at an affordable cost. It’s one of the best that hosts a massive selection of sedans, hatchback, vans, and crossover. Apart from that, we have sports cars, luxury cars, and exotic SUVs, and supercars.

Search for cars for rent from AED 40 per day

If you are looking for cars to rent with you will get almost 55 luxury cars available to rent. When you search on the website, you will have the cheapest car rental options and also the most expensive luxury cars offered by the leading local companies.

Here you can get various types of cars like Dubai limousine for your VIP guest. The service is available 24/7 at any venue you want to go to. This could be the best one to search online and get the results. You can take advantage of visiting the website and renting the available car on the website.

The convenience of the car rental

You can rent a car and get an individual car in Dubai by only visiting Once you have done with searching and comparing the best car to rent, also compare the price. Here we have different prices for everyone depending on the budget and the type of car you are looking for.

For all tourists, visitors are allowed to rent a car in Dubai. If you need to deliver, you can also request by visiting the website or email through the website. Once you contact, wait for your rental car at your doorstep. The process is simple and will not take much of your time since you can rent online.

Interesting in partnering with one click drive

You can send your request to know the type of car and price. Therefore, if you need to get the car at the fastest method, contact us, every partner provides excellent value for the car hired. It’s essential to include your car insurance coverage in case of an accident happens.

This could be one of the best places for car rental. One thing you are assured of the rental cars, no regret after booking for your car. Everything runs smoothly. That is why is the best and cheap car rental in Dubai.

Marketing to relevant audience

If you visit the website, if you are looking to rent a car in Dubai, then this website is the best option to get an affordable car. It shows the average duration for, which could be the best one for car hire.

You can talk to the client and ask your questions regarding the car you want to rent.  Get to know the performance of each car and the maintenance. Those are some of the things you will get answered directly, even throughout contacts.

Advertising through the right channel

If you search for you will probably get different kinds of cars to rent here. You can take advantage of it. This is already established as a website for car hiring in Dubai.

Whether you are a tourist here, get your car by searching online and getting this one on top. It was created to connect customers from all over the world. As long as you are looking to rent a car, then try them.

The streaming of the user search that is looking for the rental car they can find them here. It has some of the most significant filters that are made available for the users on the website.

You have the option to narrow your search according to the budget and type of car you are looking for. We have made things simple for you. Just go online and search for them what kind of car you need to rent.

Benefits of renting a car

Suppose you are looking for the advantages of renting a car with this website, we have all for you here. We have included the most important one that will benefit you as a driver or user.

Cheaper and faster if you compare to traditional transport, you can rent a car and travel to a different part of Dubai to visit the most attractive places. If you use public transport, then the cost will be higher, and not easy to visit all places you want. Option to upgrade every month, once you search this website, the choice is yours to decide the type of car you want.

Choice of the multiple suppliers offering the same, Here you will get to know various companies offering rental services at different costs. Therefore to rent a car of your dream will be easy due to the demand market.

The cost of the car is efficient. That is because you are not allowed to pay for rising car insurance. The chance of not registering for your cost is low this something important for all drivers who rent cars.

While there are many car rental companies in the UAE, finding the best car for your trip can be a challenge. That is especially for people traveling there for the first time. was established to help you rent the car of your dream in the UAE easily.

It is among the most reliable car rental portals for people traveling to this region. It brings together many car rental companies from all over the UAE to allow travelers to find the best deals easily. is in the form of a search engine that you can use to search for vehicles and do the booking. All you need to do is type in your model and feature preferences, and the engine will display the available cars. After that, filter the results and pick the car that matches your needs. Besides, the site allows you to calculate the rental costs and make the payment. Car Rental Prices

Online car booking is a complicated process that requires a comparison of many cars and rates. Unlike the official car rental sites, provides a better way of comparing the cars. The site lists products from many car rental companies within the UAE.

The car rental price might contain rental fees, taxes, and damage waivers. It may also contain the location surcharges and winterization fees.

Car rental companies allow their clients to buy damage waiver and accident covers. They may also sell optional coverage and theft protection. So, after getting the car you need on, check what the pricing covers.

Keep in mind that car rental price in Dubai highly fluctuates. One of the things that affect the price is the car make and model. You should be ready to pay a large amount if you need a luxury car.

Luxury cars like Bentley and McLarens will cost you between AED 2000 and AED 3500 per day. A Mercedes Benz will cost you over AED 550 per day, and the price of a Dodge can go beyond AED 600.

The United Arab Emirates is among the largest producers of fossil fuel. Therefore, you should expect cheap fuel rates when in the country. The UAE Ministry of Energy started controlling the price of fuel, and they name the prices each month.

For that reason, you can refill your rental car at any station without worries. Some car rental companies will ensure that the fuel tank is full before you collect the car. That will come at a cost. Range of Vehicles

Cities in the UAE, particularly Dubai, are about luxury. Everything in the country is intended to make your life amazing. So, flaunting a luxurious model when in the country is one of the things you would want to do. lists cars from over 50 car rental companies in the UAE. For that reason, you are unlikely to miss the car you need for your travel.

Many people in the UAE rent luxury cars, and therefore provides them in a large number. So, if you need one to make your vacation memorable, you get one easily. The luxury cars to expect on the site include BMW 5-Series, Mercedes SLK, Audi A6, and Mercedes E Class.

Moreover, you will find many economy cars on the site. You can rent one if you want to avoid the crowded transport and expensive cab fares.

The website provides them in large numbers, so you are likely to get the exact make and model you need. The cars are fuel-efficient and affordable. They include the Renault Twingo, VW Polo, and Seat Ibiza.

Even more, you can rent a compact car to enhance your trip. Compact cars combine versatility and affordability. The cars are, therefore fun to drive and ideal when traveling alone or as a couple.

They will hold one to two bags and consume lesser fuel. They include Opel Astra, Seat Leon, BMW 1-Series, and Renault Megane.

And if you in need of more space, a mid-size car is worth renting. The cars are designed to accommodate four individuals and more cargo. They include 4-door wagons and sedans.

OneClickDrive offers cars like Volkswagen Jetta, Renault Fluence, BMW 3-Series, and Skoda Superb. A full-size car is also worth your consideration.

What You Need to Rent a Car on eliminates most of the problems people encounter when renting cars online. You only need your driving license, ID, or passport to make the booking. The site allows UAE residents, tourists, and even visitors to rent their car of choice. However, you cannot rent a car if you are below 21 years of age.

When traveling on a short-term visa or for a project, you need a rental car to feel independent when on the road. Again, a car will come with many benefits. It is economical and hassle-free. Most companies in the UAE will provide free pickup and delivery services.

How to Book a Car through allows you to compare many rental cars before choosing one. They also allow you to contact the vehicle supplier directly. Therefore, you can avoid paying mark-up fees, commissions, and booking fees. Renting a car through this site is simple.

It will take you a few clicks to get the rental car you have always dreamt of. What’s more, you hire professional chauffeurs with luxury cars on the site. The professional driver will pick you up from your place of choice and drop off the car.

Some rental companies count late arrivals, including those resulting from delayed flights, as no-shows. They may consider them to be cancellations. Therefore, remember to contact the rental car company if your flight is late to avoid losing the reservation.

Do not assume that they will hold the reservation just because you booked through If a dispute arises, you have to follow the procedures of your credit card company.


Conclusion allows you to get the type of car you need when traveling to the UAE. So, whether you need a 4X4 SUV or convertible for your road trip, you will get exactly that. After opening the site, all you need to do is enter the model and make of the car you want to drive.

The site brings together many companies within the region. Therefore, you are more likely to get the car you need. eliminates the need to drive to any office to hire a car.

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