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Rent a Car in Al Qusais

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The zestful community of Al Qusais is the perfect place to visit when you’re in need of that bustling city life. It is situated in the Deira area of the eastern part of Dubai.

This community is the perfect amalgam of industrial and residential localities, with people constantly moving in and out of the area, keeping it busy.  

Being one of the oldest districts of Dubai, this area is full of rich culture, including old commercial properties and residential areas. 

Explore the Al Qusais

Al Qusais might come off as a not-so-entertaining community but don’t fret, for it has its own charm! This community has multiple shopping areas, including Dubai’s oldest shopping mall, the Al Mulla plaza!

Apart from that, the area also hosts multiple hotels for all the people looking for places to stay and a variety of restaurants.

For recreation, one can go to the Al Ahli club, which allows for multiple sports activities if you’re ready to get in your action mode. Apart from this, you can go get some fresh air in Al Qusais park 1 and park 2 on a chilly evening!

Locations you have to see!

Al Mulla Plaza: Tired of all the huge buildings and advanced architecture? Do you want to experience something from the past? Something that holds great importance? Well, the Al Mulla Plaza is one of the oldest shopping centers in Dubai! Definitely, a place to check out when you’re looking for something different.

Dubai Police Museum: If you’re looking for history and exploration, the Dubai Police Museum is the right place for you. It has 3 exhibit halls along with documentation of the police’s anti-drug efforts and prison system. 

Variety of Eateries: Al Qusais has loads of distinct restaurants featuring a unique cuisine each! You should definitely check out: Karachi Darbar Restaurant, Delhi Restaurant, Bangalore Empire Restaurant, China Wok Restaurant, and Grill Hut Restaurant.

Benefits of Renting a Car in Al Qusais

Considering that Al Qusais contains both industrial and residential establishments, people are bound to flow in and out of the area on a daily basis. This ensures that there is plenty of public transport available, such as metro services, buses, and taxis alike.

But due to having such a load of people, public transport is usually jam-packed, and it is hard for one to get things done while having only public transportation at your disposal.

Avoid this hustle and bustle, and rent a car in Al Qusais from Rental Cars UAE at discounted prices to make traveling and enjoying your trip super easy!

Rent a car with Rental Cars UAE in Al Qusais

If you’re looking to rent the vehicle of your dreams to drive through the beautiful Al Qusais, then Rental Cars UAE is the right place to contact! We have tons of vehicles to choose from, all available at discounted rates! 

Rental Cars UAE offers cheap rent a car in Dubai for all! You can even hire a car in Al-Qusais without any security deposit. We only charge 30 AED for a small vehicle (inclusive of all charges) per day, 400 AED per week, and 1199 AED per month. Isn’t that awesome? 

Moreover, you can get perfectly sanitized cars and 24/7 customer support with us. We’ve always got your back!




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