Monthly Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Rental Cars UAE is the region’s best monthly automobile rental service provider. You’ll find the appropriate plan for your budget with our special monthly car rental packages and a vast selection of cars.

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  • Bluetooth
  • navigation
  • Cruise Control
  • Reverse Camera
  • 3000 Kms
  • Deposit: 1100
  • Excess Claim: 1500
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get a free car maintenance with monthly booking ?

    You wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance with our monthly hire plan. We will handle the whole car maintenance – collection, servicing, restoring to original condition, provision of spare parts (if necessary), etc. All you need to do is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the car to drive you around.
  • Will I get easy car replacement incase of accident ?

    A monthly car rental offer places you on a longer-term hire contract with us. Hence, you qualify for an easy car replacement in case of an accident, breakdown, or any other unfortunate event. Breakdown and accident are not planned but they do happen. With affordable monthly and weekly car rental offers, you won’t sacrifice your safety, convenience, and comfort.

  • How I can save on monthly basis booking ?

    Renting a car for a long time is usually cheaper than renting a car on a daily or weekly basis. Provided you are renting the car for at least 30 days. Moreover, Rental Cars UAE offers superb cheap monthly car hire rates that enable you to have more costs to save.

Paying for your favorite car monthly in small parts and the freedom to change it anytime can be fascinating. Purchasing a car in Dubai might be costly. Aside from the car’s price, you’ll have to pay for insurance, maintenance, transfers, and registrations, among other things. You can easily commute to work or home with a monthly rental automobile from Rental Cars UAE.

We are providing you with the greatest offers for the month, allowing you to choose any car from a large selection. You can drive it if you sign up for a monthly payment. All other formalities associated with owning a car are completed with the automobile rental. Subscribe to it and move it like your own vehicle with all freedom.

Why Is Monthly Rental Deal Better?

To enjoy a luxury car, it is not essential to own it. You need to know the intelligent way of renting it. Dubai lets you have unlimited benefits. If you wonder why everyone suggests you consider monthly car rental, we are here to explain it.

Drive affordably

Choose from a range of exclusive monthly car rental packages that are tailored to your needs. You can choose from our premium, standard, and basic packages to get the best value for your budget.

No maintenance is required

The Car Rental Dubai monthly package cost covers all vehicle maintenance experiences. You do not have to spend on any additional care for the vehicle.

Up to date vehicles

We offer a wide variety of cars to suit your needs and budget. From sedans to SUVs, you’ll find the perfect ride for your next trip with us.

All-time availability

No more hassles of booking a car every time you need it. Save time and money by renting monthly and enjoy the benefits of our flexible plans.

Freedom to change anytime

If you want to change the car after a month, you can do it. There is no need to wait for the current vehicle to be sold out or taken by anyone else. You can switch your subscription to any other car of your choice and start driving.

A monthly rental car is always better and will be compared to any other option.

Our Monthly Rent a Car Service UAE

Rental Cars UAE understands your transportation needs. We believe it is hard to sustain in this fast-paced city without having a car. You cannot spend too much on cab service as it can cost a lot. Moreover, you have to kill the waiting time. On the other hand, owning a vehicle brings many challenges. Therefore, we get you to rent a car monthly Dubai service.

In our monthly car rentals, you can enjoy:

  • A wide range of vehicles from popular to luxury, sedan to crossover, hatchback and more
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions that make having a car affordable
  • Hassle-free procedure and contract processing
  • Freedom to switch the vehicles anytime
  • No maintenance expense on you as we are taking care of it
  • 24/7 support on call and even roadside assistance with the vehicle
  • Offer contract extensions and facilitation on demand

We have made it simple for you to rent a car and enjoy. Just select your favorite vehicle and subscribe now!

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