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Things to Look Before Renting a Crossover in Dubai

Crossover is one of the most popular categories of cars in the world. They are compact SUVs that hold the same power as an SUV but at a lower price and smaller size. Particularly, while renting a crossover in Dubai, there are a few things that you should consider. What are these? Below is a brief explanation of them:

The engine of the Crossover 

These types of cars usually fall under the upper mid-range segment, so they should offer all the premium features including the engine as well. Today, an average crossover offers about 2.0 – 3.0 liters of the engine with an average HP of 180-240. However, in some cases, the manufacturer might reduce the engine’s size, but add turbo e.g. MG HS. It all depends on your requirements, needs, and budget, but a crossover should offer at least 2.0 liter of an engine with at least 180 HP.

Safety and Features 

It includes all the safety and other miscellaneous features that you can expect from a premium segment car. A typical crossover usually offers at least 4-6 airbags, all the driving assistance technologies, radars, parking assistance, a premium sound system, and other upper-class features.

Interior and Comfort

The interior and the comfort is an essential factors to consider before renting any car. No matter how good your car is or how luxurious the interior is, if it doesn’t offer a comfortable riding experience, your crossover is useless and its whole features are not worth using.

The basic and biggest factor in the comfort of the car is the seat of the car and suspensions of the car. The seat of the car should be ergonomically comfortable and suspensions should be smooth. 

Other things e,g, heated seats, massage seats, and climate control, also play a big role in the overall comfort level of the car. 


Ground clearance is the biggest factor in the crossover category. Crossovers will always have a higher ground clearance than a sedan or hatchback. An average crossover should give you enough clearance that can make your off-roading possible without touching the lower body or bumpers of the car.

The average ground clearance of the crossover ranges from 60 inches to 67 inches, but that depends on road. The ground clearance is also dependent on the tires, suspensions, and the height of the tires from the endpoint of the car’s body.

Suspension is Important 

A crossover is useless if it doesn’t offer good quality suspensions that can do off-roading. It’s because crossovers are generally made for driving on rough tracks and terrains. That’s why no one wants a crossover with delicate suspensions that collapse while driving. That’s why make sure to check the suspension quality of the crossover before renting out your particular model. No matter how low cost or budget-friendly the crossover is, it should offer durable and reliable off-road suspensions. 

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