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Volvo is a Swedish company that was founded in 1927. The company began with the goal of designing and manufacturing cars that would be safe and comfortable. Volvo has been able to achieve this goal by designing vehicles that have excellent safety ratings and are considered safe even in extreme driving conditions. In addition to designing vehicles with great safety features, Volvo has also focused on developing vehicles that are stylish, dependable, and affordable.


Volvo’s history can be traced back to 1911 when Assar Gabrielsson decided to start an automobile company with his brother-in-law, Gustaf Larson. The two men created a partnership called AB Volvo which was named after the Latin word for “I roll.” In 1927, they purchased a factory in Hisingen which they renamed AB Volvo. 

Their first vehicle was called the “Series 1” which was based on an American Ford Model A chassis but had several improvements including disc brakes instead of drum brakes, stronger axles, and an improved gearbox design. The first model sold well which led Assar Gabrielsson to establish another factory in Trollhattan where he began producing trucks and buses.

Here are a Few Reasons Why you Should Choose Volvo:

Safety is the number one priority for Volvo just like other flagship car brands, which is why all their cars come with advanced safety features that help protect both you and your passengers during an accident or emergency.

#1 Car Brand in Safety

Volvo understands that safety isn’t just about protecting you from harm when you’re behind the wheel; it’s also about protecting the environment from damage caused by motor vehicles. That’s why they offer an extensive range of eco-friendly models such as electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and plug-in hybrids that can run on either electricity or petrol without emitting harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

High-Quality Interior 

Volvo cars are known for their high-quality interior features such as comfortable seats and plenty of legroom for tall drivers or passengers who need extra space because they’re carrying lots of luggage.

Drive Me

In 2011, Volvo started using a new type of engine called Drive Me which is supposed to be able to drive itself someday soon. This technology uses sensors around the car that can detect obstacles in real-time and react accordingly by braking or changing lanes if necessary. The car can also park itself so long as there is enough space around it for this purpose (which means that it won’t work at all if there isn’t).

Driver Alert System

This technology alerts you if you’re getting drowsy behind the wheel, using a monitor that tracks eye movement and facial muscle activity. The system will also take over driving if it senses that you’re falling asleep or daydreaming at the wheel — a feature available only on Volvo’s flagship S90 sedan.

Rent Volvo From Us

If you’re interested in renting a Volvo in the UAE, you’re at the right place. We have got a wide collection of Volvo cars available for you to rent daily or monthly. All our cars are clean and clear and we offer the best pricing in the UAE with 24/7 customer support.


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