Car Rental Deals in Dubai

12% OFF
  • 1600 AED / Month 1400 AED / Month
  • 73 AED / Day 50 AED / Day
31% OFF
  • 2100 AED / Month 1430 AED / Month
  • 100 AED / Day 50 AED / Day
35% OFF
  • 2300 AED / Month 1475 AED / Month
  • 160 AED / Day 65 AED / Day
46% OFF
  • 2800 AED / Month 1500 AED / Month
  • 170 AED / Day 65 AED / Day
21% OFF
  • 1900 AED / Month 1500 AED / Month
  • 100 AED / Day 65 AED / Day
  • 1750 AED / Month
  • 55 AED / Day
  • 1900 AED / Month
  • 70 AED / Day
24% OFF
  • 2500 AED / Month 1900 AED / Month
  • 200 AED / Day 65 AED / Day


How can I signup for promotions?

There are many running promotions around the year. You can contact the customer support representative via WhatsApp or email to know and visit the offer page of different rental companies. Check out all of our current promotions.

How to redeem discount coupon code?

If you do not have discount code click on view coupon codes and you can copy and paste it while booking online.

What cars do you recommend for booking?

It’s up to you which car you want to rent as per your budget and needs. However, here’re our recommendations:
  • MG 5 2024
  • Hyundai Creta 
  • MG ZS
  • Nissan Xterra

What is the cheapest car to rent?

Currently, KIA Picanto is the cheapest car that you can rent from our website which costs 50 AED/day.

What is the most popular car hire in Dubai?

Here’s the list of most rented cars in Dubai:
  • KIA Pegas
  • Kia Sonet 2023
  • Hyundai Accent
  • Chevrolet Aveo

Which cars are available for less than 1300 AED?

Currently, we don’t have any car for less than 1300 AED,  we can update you after adding a vehicle under 1300 AED/month. Whatsapp up us here: +971 42935333

When is the best time to get a good car rental offer?

The best time to get a car rental offer in Dubai is usually during the low season when there is less demand and rental companies are more willing to offer discounts. 

Are there better offers in summer?

There are generally better offers on rental cars in summer as most of the companies offer seasonal discounts and promotional rates for summer months. 

Is there any offer if I book before the time?

Yes, you can get the offer by paying in advance or you can book a service paying only 1 AED. 

Would I get a better deal if I pay all rent in advance?

It is possible that you would get a better deal if you pay for your rental car full in advance. 

What cars offer the maximum car rental discount?

Popular models such as the MG-5, Kia Pegas, Hyundai Creta, Toyota Rush, MG-ZS, and Nissan Xterra

How do I apply coupon codes to obtain discounts?

Simply enter the relevant code during the online booking process to enjoy instant savings on your rental.

What discounts are available on car rental with a driver?

Car rental with driver offers 10% discount with free Salik and petrol.

Are there any restrictions on who can avail the special visa discount?

The special visa discount is available for various professions such as teachers, actors, doctors, scientists, airline staff, golden visa holders, social workers, and more.
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Car Rental Offers & Discounts

We provide our customers with top-notch car rental services at competitive prices so you can hire your vehicle without any hassle. Our commitment is to offer discounts and car rental offers to make your rental experience more affordable. Explore discounts and promotions to find the deal for your next adventure.

 Special Discount for Golden and other Visa Holders

We believe in recognizing and rewarding individuals from all over the world having specialized visas. That is why we offer special discounts to visa holders across various professions, including teachers, doctors, airline staff, scientists, golden visa holders, social workers, actors, etc. Enjoy 10% extra discount on your rental vehicle, when you rent with Amex Car Rental.

Discount Coupon Codes

Save your money with additional discounts with our exclusive rental car coupon codes. Apply the corresponding code relevant to your duration for rent a car during the booking process to enjoy instant savings: You can Apply RCU25 code to get AED25 OFF on 3-7 days booking, Apply RCU35 to get AED35 OFF on 8-15 days booking, Apply RCU50 to get AED50 OFF on 16-29 days booking. To benefit from huge discounts on monthly car rentals Apply RCU100 to get AED100 OFF on 30 or above days booking. 

Unbeatable Car Rental Discount

Discover unbeatable discounts on popular models such as the MG5, Kia Pegas, Hyundai Creta, Toyota Rush, MG-ZS, and Nissan Xterra. We cater to different customer preferences and needs by offering our rental fleet at discounted rates.

Car Rental with Driver Discounts

Experience the ultimate convenience with our car rental with driver service. Not only do we provide professional chauffeurs to take you wherever you need to go, but we also offer a 10% discount on this service, along with free Salik, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective travel experience.

Monthly Car Rental Discounts

Take advantage of our monthly car rental discounts if you are planning an extended stay to enjoy even greater savings. Simply visit our offers page to learn more about how you can unlock exclusive discounts on long-term rentals. You can also save money on maintenance and the hassle of owning a vehicle for a long period and change it at any time according to your requirements.

Maximum Discounts with Amex

When you choose Amex, you are choosing convenience, affordability, and reliability. We make renting a car a hassle-free experience with convenient rental car deals so you count on us to get you wherever you need to go. We also create seasonal promotions at specific times of the year, such as summer vacation deals, winter holiday specials, or spring break discounts.

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