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Dubai Marina Mall is one of the latest entertainment and residential hubs in the UAE. It is a stunning and attractive place and it’s filled with lots of surprises and wonderful experiences.

This shopping mall is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and built on man-made canals. The mall contains lots of walking and running paths for your pleasure. It also contains shops and boutiques; 5-star beach resorts, several restaurants, and high-rise luxury apartments. More so, it offers lots of entertainment for singles, couples, and friends.

The Mall is a very nice place to be but to cut down on your spending, especially on transportation, it’s advisable to rent a car. Renting a car is a wiser financial decision than using public transport.

However, if you haven’t rented a car in Dubai before, you may experience a little difficulty in choosing an affordable yet reliable car rental service. There are several companies in Dubai and if care is not taken, you may fall victim to fraudulent agents. Nevertheless, there are still some genuine and reliable companies in Dubai and Rental Cars UAE is one of them.

Best Car Rental Company

Rental Cars UAE is one of the best, reliable, and affordable rent a car in Dubai. Our rental services cover the entire UAE including Dubai Marina Mall.

The company is RTA-approved and has a collection of vehicles. All our cars are reasonably priced to give you a cost-efficient and most reliable rental service.

Are you visiting Dubai Marina Mall and looking for a reliable and affordable car rental in Dubai? Here are 10 reasons to rent a car from us in our branch:

Freedom of Movement

When you rent a car, you’ll enjoy the utmost freedom of movement around the city. You won’t have to worry about rush hours, bus stops, tight schedules, etc. while enjoying your stay. All you have to do is rent your favorite car from us to explore Dubai and enjoy your time.

Helps to Save Money

Renting a car from us helps you to save unnecessary costs on transportation. Using public transportation may look cheaper but if you’ll be spending many days or visiting multiple places, you may end up spending more than you planned. However, renting a car from our Dubai Marina Mall branch, especially on a weekly or monthly basis, will help you to save more money.

Offers Quality of life

When you rent a car from us, you would enjoy a stress-free and comfortable transport in and around Dubai and surrounding cities.

Offers Comfort

From the time you rent the car from us till you return it, the rented car is yours. This means you would enjoy all the comfort that comes with the rental car. The rental car enables you to visit other places that are inaccessible by public transports.

Enables You to Expand Your Vacation

Renting a car from us does not only save costs, but it also saves you time. You’ll be saving time on booking time that would’ve been wasted on a daily car deal. Hence, you would have saved substantial time and money to expand your vacation itinerary and explore more incredible attractions. And if you’re in Dubai Marina Mall for business or investment, you would have enough time and cash to spend on business activities.

Enables You to Rent a Car That Fits Each Situation

If you have a particular car, you would have to use it for all situations, even when it doesn’t fit. Imagine carrying your large family in a convertible or going for a romantic weekend in an SUV.  With rental cars, you can choose among various options of vehicles – convertibles, family vans, SUVs, minis, 4×4, crossovers, etc. – depending on your needs.

Doesn’t Make You Look like A Tourist

Why should you keep asking for route directions or pay for Sat-Nav roaming? Most rental cars from Rental Cars UAE have Sat-Nav. This means, when you rent a car from us, you are also renting a Sat-Nav, which will help you with updated maps to locate your destinations.

You Can Enjoy Free Pickup

Imagine you rent a car in one city to move to another city but do not have the time to return the car before boarding your return flight.  You wonder how to handle it right?

The company offers a “One-Way service.” This means you can rent a car from Rental Cars UAE in one city and drop it off in another city. However, there is a little charge for this service.

Our Prices Are Affordable

Why don’t you avail yourself of the opportunity of enjoying the cheapest car rental by choosing our car rental service in Dubai Marina Mall?


Are you visiting the Dubai shopping mall? Contact us today to rent a car from our Dubai Marina Mall branch. Always ensure to check out our website for special deals and promos you can enjoy on our car hire services.

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