Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mazda 2 a reliable car?

Absolutely! The Mazda2 is a reliable car designed with advanced technology to ensure maximum performance and comfort. It has great road handling thanks to its powerful yet efficient engine, as well as an interior that is both functional and stylish.

How far can a Mazda2 go on a full tank?

On a full tank of gas, your Mazda2 can travel up to an impressive 1,000 kilometers.

Is Mazda2 fuel efficient?

Yes, the Mazda 2 is incredibly fuel-efficient due to its efficient SkyActiv engine. With its aerodynamic design, you can enjoy a smoother and quieter ride while still getting excellent fuel economy.

Is Nissan Sunny fuel efficient?

Yes! The Nissan Sunny offers great fuel efficiency, with fuel economy of up to 21 km/L. You can enjoy driving long distances without having to worry about burning through your tank too quickly. With its powerful engine, the Nissan Sunny will help you make the most out of every liter.

Which is better: Nissan Sunny or Honda City?

Ultimately, the choice between the Nissan Sunny and Honda City comes down to your personal needs and preferences. As per our analysis, the Nissan Sunny offers a more powerful engine, more cargo room, and a modern interior, and fuel effeciency. 

Is Nissan Sunny low maintenance?

Indeed! Nissan Sunny is one of the most reliable cars on the road and offers low maintenance costs. With us, it is completely free maintenance for you. 

Is the Nissan Sunny a good car?

Yes, the Nissan Sunny is a fabulous car offering an excellent balance between performance, reliability, and affordability. It has a light body weight, making it highly fuel-efficient, while its robust yet powerful engine ensures a smooth and enjoyable drive. In addition, the car comes with multiple comfort and convenience features.

Is Nissan Sunny good for long drive?

Absolutely! The Nissan Sunny is a great car for long drives in Dubai. With its spacious interior and fuel-efficient engines, you can make the most of your journeys while enjoying your ride in comfort.

How much does it cost to rent a Nissan Sunny in UAE?

You can rent a Nissan Sunny in the UAE for as low as AED 1520 per month or AED 100 per day. With us, you can get access to the latest Nissan vehicles with incredible comfort and style. Plus, our flexible rental packages make it easier than ever to drive your dream car.

How much is the rent for Toyota Yaris in Dubai?

Toyota Yaris is available in Dubai between AED 50 to  AED 100 per day. With its class-leading performance and comfort, the Toyota Yaris offers drivers an unparalleled driving experience at an amazing price.

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