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Tesla is a company that has been making EVs for years now. It’s known for its electric cars, but Tesla also has an impressive electric-car charging network that is capable of providing power to more than 300 homes in the UAE.

What’s So Special about Tesla?

  • Tesla vehicles are designed to run on batteries, which means they don’t need gas stations or oil lines – and they don’t pollute the air like combustion engines do. The cars themselves are also designed to be low maintenance, with fewer parts than traditional cars and less weight than gasoline-powered vehicles. 
  • Tesla owners can expect their cars to last longer than other EVs in the industry.
  • Tesla cars can drive themselves! They don’t need you to steer them—just a light grip to know your awareness while you’re cruising along at highway speeds. 
  • Moreover, Tesla cars come with a variety of features and all cars are controlled softly through a main display on the dashboard. There are no mechanical handles, knobs, or switches, from AC to headlights, all controls are controlled by the main dashboard screen.

Tesla’s EV vs Conventional Combustion Engine Car

Tesla cars are a new type of vehicle that can run on electricity alone. In comparison, other conventional engine cars, use gas to power them. Here are the pros of using electric cars over combustion engines

Better Fuel Efficiency

The electric car has better fuel efficiency than the combustion car. This means that it will cost you less money to operate and maintain your electric car than it would for your combustion engine car. However, the electric car is not as flexible as the combustion engine car because it takes longer to recharge after being used.

Environmentally Conscious

Electric cars are a good option for people who want to be environmentally conscious. The electricity required for charging an electric car is generated by renewable sources, so you’re supporting the environment without sacrificing performance. 

Conventional Combustion Engines are more Energy-efficient than Electric Cars

They don’t have to use as much energy or produce as much heat to power as engines, which means they spew less CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, they can run on biofuels like ethanol or diesel fuel, which reduces their impact even further. Visit our FAQ to get more information about EV rental cars.

Book a Tesla From Us

If you are looking for a unique way to experience UAE, consider renting one of our electric vehicles on your desired plan. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or something more long-term, we’ve got you covered! Not just Tesla, you can rent other brand cars as well.

Our fleet of Tesla vehicles is available for rent at competitive rates. We also provide the latest Tesla cars with the latest technology, including navigation and autopilot features.

What Models of Tesla are Available for Rent?

You can find almost all the existing models of Tesla on our website. All our cars are top-of-the-line variants and are equipped with auto-pilot features that come in the premium package. Still, if you couldn’t find your desired car model, contact us and we’ll arrange that for you.

Can I Rent Tesla Cars in Dubai for the Long Term?

Yes, if you’re on a long tour or on a business trip, you can book a long-term car from our website. We offer, monthly rental, 3-months, and 6-month rental services to customers.


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