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Sheikh Zayed Road or E 11 is the main route of the city and the longest road in the Emirates. It runs parallel to the coastline along the Persian Gulf. The road, formerly known as Defence Road, is home to most of Dubai’s skyscrapers, including the Emirates Towers. In addition, the highway connects new developments with the rest of the city.

Car Rentals Along the Sheikh Zayed Road

Rental cars along Sheikh Zayed Road include the best rental cars and the lowest rates in Dubai. Booking with gives you the best deal. Browse and filter through available car offers and make a call to reserve your rental car.

At agencies along Sheikh Zayed Road, you can find the Mercedes Benz AG G63 2019 at the cost of AED 1800 per day. The rental includes free delivery and insurance. In addition, you can rent the Mercedes Benz SUV GT Sports Car Rental.

If you want a more luxurious car, rent the Mitsubishi AXS 2020 for AED 140 a day or AED 2600 a month. The agency asks for a minimum 2-day rental and deposit. Insurance is included, and CDW is available. Find your beautiful Mitsubishi at Rental Cars UAE.

How to Rent a car from Sheikh Zayed Road

Most customers prefer to hire a car from Sheikh Zayed Road via online booking. Another way to have convenience and simplicity to rent a car from Sheikh Zayed Road is by booking through a third-party app or website. You can also rent directly through the car rental company with the actual supplier for a better price.

Many car rental companies located on Sheikh Zayed Road offer free delivery and pick up at your location if you are along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Number of Car Rental Agencies on Sheikh Zayed Road

There are at least 473 live car rental offers across the highway. You can rent a luxury car, SUV, Economy, show supercar, Sports Car, Crossover, Convertible, or special edition car for rent in Dubai. Vans and commercial trucks plus pickup trucks, and electric cars are also available.

Hire a car along the Sheikh Zayed Road, and you will discover it is ideal for those who live and work in the area and for tourists staying in one of Dubai’s many hotels. In addition, there are Airbnb rentals available along Sheikh Zayed Road, and car rental companies will deliver your rental car to your Airbnb.


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