Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs how Rental Cars UAE collects, processes, and utilizes the data provided by the users, which could be a customer or a visitor, to operate the business. When visiting the website or ordering the service, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy. We reserve the right to amend, update or replace this Policy anytime without any notice.

Information that We Collect From the User

Anonymous Information 

When the user opens the website, we collect anonymous information that helps us improve our business, customer support, and marketing, and get to know about the user. The data doesn't specify the users or how they work together with the third party. This data includes:
  • Browser name
  • IP address
  • Length of the visit to the website
  • Device name
  • The operating system of the device

Personal Information

We must collect or receive personal information from the user to operate the car hire service and marketing of the business. This information will be required when you order our service and depends on how you use our services. We need specific personal details, including: 
  • Delivery address
  • Credit card details 
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Legal documents are needed to deliver our service. 
Without this information, we will not be able to operate our business.   Our optional features like call back service or newsletter bound us to ask for your data, e.g., phone number, email address, and name.

Credit Card Details

A credit card is the only source of payment to pay for your online booking on the website. We use third-party gateway providers to integrate the credit card system into our business. Once you pay for the booking, the payment and card details are processed by the third party and not directly by Rental Cars UAE. However, we assure you that the customer's card details are secured.
  • Third-party payment processors or we will never store, share or sell your card details.
  • We take several steps to ensure that the third party processing the payment is 100% secure and safe from threats and hacking attempts.
  • The company is not responsible for any loss of data, money, or leak of card details if you contact the third party directly without involving Rental Cars UAE. 

How We Secure the Data of Our Users?

Rental Cars UAE takes all the physical and digital steps to make sure all the data, including personal and anonymous data of our users, is 100% protected from hackers and is non-vulnerable. We assure our users that we never sell or make a copy of our user data, and it is stored in a 100% protected and confidential space. 

How We Process The Customer's Information?

  • Name: The name is used as a reference name for the user. 
  • Phone number: The phone number is used to contact the user at the time of delivery and in the future if needed. 
  • Address: The address is used to deliver the car to the customer's location. 
  • Legal documents: The demand for legal documents from the customer is necessary for any rental car company operating in the UAE before giving them the service. 
  • Email: Email is used to send newsletters and promotions to the customer. 
  • Credit Card: The credit card details are used to process the booking payment.

Cookies Information 

We use cookies to identify users and give them personalized suggestions based on their activities on the same browser.
  • The cookie helps our website keep your filters saved even if the visitor reloads the website so that the user doesn't have to set the selections again and again.
  • It helps to keep track of the customer's activities on the Internet. This allows us to show suggested cars and services based on the user’s activities on the Internet.
  • The cookies are also used to help us improve our business in the market, e.g., our competitors, type of audience, and other marketing strategies.

Access To The Website

The website is accessible to all ages without any geographical restrictions. However, only users that are above 21 years old are allowed to access our service.

Disclosure of User Data

In specific scenarios, we've to disclose the user's information to other third parties due to legal issues, security or to provide our services to the customer.
  • Upon their lawful requests, we are bound to disclose all the user's data to legal departments, including police, court, intelligence agencies, and other legal departments.
  • We have to disclose the user's information to some third parties including, delivery services, tracking companies, and customer support companies. 
  • The company can disclose the user's data to other third-party companies for marketing and research purposes.
  • We may disclose the user's data to the Police, legal agencies, or court in the scam scenario by the customer.

Change in Privacy Policy

Rental Cars UAE holds the right to instantly change the whole or partial privacy policy without prior notice to the user.  
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