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Abarth Brand is a blend of Italian passion and excellence. This brand is known for its high-quality models, which are not only limited to premium cars but also include motorcycles and scooters.


It has come a long way from being an Italian company to becoming a world-renowned name. From its humble beginnings as an importer of Fiat cars, Abarth has now become one of the top names in European car manufacturing.

The brand was launched in 1999 with the intention of producing small, lightweight sports cars. The original models were the 500 models (roadster and spider) and the 124 Spider, which were produced from 1997 to 2005. In 2004, Abarth released its first four-cylinder model called the Ghibli (abbreviated from Giulia) which later evolved into the Ferrari-derived Ghibli S variant and then into the Abarth 595 GT3 Touring Car.

Wide Array of Range

Abarth Brand offers a wide range of products including luxury vehicles, sports cars, and off-road SUV vehicles. These products have won many awards at international shows such as Geneva Motor Show and New York International Auto Show.

High-performance Cars

Abarth is known for its high-performance cars, especially those that are powered by turbocharged engines. These are some of the most popular models from this brand that are being used in the UAE.

Powerful Engines

The engines are powerful with a lot of torque which makes them easy to drive even in heavy traffic conditions. The cars come with an automatic transmission which makes it even more comfortable to drive on busy roads without any hassle or stress.

Models Suitable for Every Class

Abarth Brand offers numerous models that are suitable for every type of customer, including those who want to drive fast or those who want to enjoy more comfortable rides around town.

Super Car Feel

Some of the Abarth car engines make noise when you press the accelerator pedal which gives you that feeling that you are driving a sports car rather than just a regular one. You will have fun while driving their car as well as get maximum mileage out of your fuel consumption by using it regularly throughout the year.


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