Car Hire from Burj Khalifa

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The UAE is well known as being the home of Dubai. Dubai has always been an amazing shopping destination and is known to be a great tourist city. There are great places to shop to your heart’s content in Dubai and getting there is half the battle won for getting your favorite brands. Car rental is a crucial part of your shopping trip so you are not stuck waiting for a taxi or taking a tricky version of public transportation that you are trying to understand.


Whether you are looking for the cheapest family car, getting the perfect transportation to the very well known Burj Khalifa is an important part of your shopping journey. A range of options depending on your needs and preferences are available for your journey.

The Burj Khalifa is a common attraction for tourists and locals alike with its wide variety of options and brands. Your options include various types such as a luxurious sedan or a small hatchback. If the sun is out and you are on the lookout for a sporty convertible or a cozy car, a car rental from Burj Khalifa assures you with a safe and comfortable trip.

Car Hire from Burj Khalifa

Quick Pointers before hiring a car

  • The minimum age is 21 or 25 depending on the vehicle.
  • A driver’s license is necessary and in certain cases, an International Driver’s license may be needed.


Parking near the Burj Khalifa is free unless you opt for valet parking and it is also easy to find a parking spot. There is not much traffic and a lot of space nearby the tallest tower for parking, making renting a car a great option.

Downtown Dubai is also a prime location which makes it easier to get there. Pick up and drop off options are plenty and can suit your timings and plans. No matter how much road needs to be covered, a rental car makes it feel as though you flew by in comfort. There are other attractions in the same area as well which make for a great trip.

Car hire options come with various features that you can add depending on what you are looking for. If you choose to hire a car it can save you a lot of time and money as the route to the Burj Khalifa is normally crowded when it comes to public transport and it can also be confusing. Taxis can be hard to find and expensive and there is nothing like living like a local and traveling on your own terms.

The mall features over 1200 retail stores and two department stores making it a must-see for anyone. It also boasts multiple food and beverage options and covered one million square meters The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo are also family-friendly attractions that keep many tourists coming back. The popularity of the destination makes it cheaper options to rent a car for and gives you a speedy and safe journey.

Tips before opting for the Burj Khalifa Car Hire

  • Always rent with a local company as the rates will be more economically friendly and they will be able to serve you better with more information. Smaller firms will cater to your needs better and will make sure you receive the best experience.
  • If you choose to book the car from your own country, conversion rates may apply and it is best to book the car once you have reached your destination so you can pay in the local currency directly.
  • With a destination like the Burj Khalifa, it is quite massive and cannot be covered in one day. Renting a car allows you to keep going back at an affordable price rather than having to shell out money every time you visit. This allows you to travel more freely and not be afraid of transportation costs building up.
  • Renting a car also allows you to have a driver that is a local who can help you get around and will know the way. This is a huge help in a new city as they will be able to tell you what to do and how to save you money and time.

Car rental allows you to put together exactly what you need and make your dream destination a cost-effective reality. Selecting what car you would prefer also gives you more options than a taxi would and a more comfortable interior than anywhere else. Having one driver rather than plenty allows you to skip the daily instructions and booking, giving you more time to take in the sights around and really enjoy the city.

Before you hire a car in Dubai, you should check the local regulations and make sure you have everything in place for your trip. If you do not wish to drive yourself, finding a good driver is also important and a trustworthy car rental company can help.

Visiting the Burj Khalifa is an amazing experience that allows you to see the skyline like no other location and take in the immersive shopping experience that is unique to only Dubai. It has a range of cultures and countless acres of area to lose yourself in. Even if you are not the biggest shopper, the Burj Khalifa is well known to be a foodie’s heaven with a plethora of options to choose from all in the same place.

It is also extremely close to the coastline and you can go straight to the beach after a tiring day of walking throughout the extensive mall. The architecture of the mall is magnificent and even if you buy nothing, the design itself is something you take home and has impressed many a tourist.

The waterfall, the ice rink, the aquarium, and more than the mall offers to prove it to be a family friendly destination where you can take your kids and know they will have a great time. The amazing experiences of the Burj Khalifa are only a quick booking away.

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