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The world is a global village now and people are traveling to other countries all the time for work or pleasure. Looking at the most preferred global destinations, Dubai is worth a special mention. The world loves to be in Dubai and the city administration handles millions of residents and visitors alike every year.


The second largest of all the Emirates, this city has outperformed all other major global cities in terms of progress and prosperity. The business community loves to be in Dubai and it can easily be said that Dubai is one of the most important trades and commerce hubs of the entire world, boasting of some independent trade regulations.

This astounding progress of Dubai owes to the practice of allowing the Europeans free trade opportunities, in particular, the allowance to British of usage of the Dubai port free of tax while commuting to and from India in the 19th century. There has been constant support from the UAE government for the development of infrastructure for communications, trade & commerce, sports, tourism, roads and traffic, public transport, airports, hotels, and lifestyle.

Almost every luxury brand of all the industries has marked its presence in Dubai. The reason behind such an impressive brand recognition is that Dubai is well connected and accessible to the world due to its marvelous airport.

And the Dubai World Trade Center and the Dubai Convention Center hosts some of the world’s most prestigious events and conferences which are graced by celebrities of various fields- who themselves swear that Dubai is one of the most happening places to be.

Almost every sport are hosted in Dubai, almost every leading hotel chains have marked their presence here, all the leading multinationals and traders look to take advantage of the trade facilities, the resident and tourist alike love to experience luxury shopping and fine dining and leisure lifestyle out here.

In a way, Dubai has redefined its lifestyle and established its brand image as a major go-to location for everything.

Dubai Internet City is an IT park in Dubai. Established by the UAE Government it serves to be a strategic location for an organization that strives to tap the emerging regional markets. It is also a free economic zone.

There are separate regulations and benefits related to taxes, profits, ownership, and customs that are legally assured for 50 years. One of the numerous benefits allows the foreign owners to do away with the need of having a local partner. Now they can own 100% of their business, exactly like the trades in other special trade zones in Dubai.

Boasting a whopping one and a half million square feet of commercial space, there are more than 1500 companies and 10000 employees that are based in the Dubai IT Park.

The DIC or the Dubai Internet City has been in the spotlight of every leading internet company. Some of the best brands like LinkedIn, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Google, etc. have shifted their base to the DIC to avail themselves the amazing trade benefits.

Another reason behind this action is the strategic location of the zone and that of Dubai itself, being very easily accessible from all the countries. Also, they have recognized the immense potential that brand value “Dubai” brings into the business and they want to leverage that. There is enormous business potential in terms of a massive population of various strata of life, the lifestyle that are waiting to be captured.

It is the largest IT Park of its kind with the most number of internet companies under the shed. All this amazing prosperity has been possible due to the UAE government’s constant push for the growth of infrastructure.

The DIC was inaugurated in 2000 and it was created so that, Internet companies from different sectors can operate under the same roof. The entire park has been constructed and arranged in such a way that the organizations can have a lot of opportunity to network and connect among themselves and their existing and potential partners so that existing and upcoming developments and ideas can be implemented properly.

The Dubai Media City and Knowledge Village are very close to the Dubai It Park. While the Dubai Media City serves to address all businesses related to media, the Knowledge Village is concerned about the learning community. The Dubai Internet city is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road on the way to Abu Dhabi, at a distance of 25 km. The Dubai Internet City is located on the side of Jumeira Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and the exquisite Jumeirah Palm.

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