Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options
Kia Pegas 2023--Full-Options Backside
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Side
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior Side
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior-Steering
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior Wide
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options
Kia Pegas 2023--Full-Options Backside
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Side
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior Side
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior-Steering
Kia Pegas 2023--Full Options Interrior Wide
  • AED 2400 / Month
  • AED 1400 / Week
  • AED 190 / Day

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  • Engine Size 1.4 L

  • Luggage 2

  • Doors 4

  • Seats 5

  • Monthly KM 3000

  • Weekly KM 800

  • Daily KM 200

  • Security Deposit 1500

  • Excess Claim 1500

  • Delivery & Pickup Free

  • Delivery Time

  • Cancellation Charged


  • Bluetooth
  • Parking Sensors
  • Reverse Camera
  • Apple Car Play
  • Android Car Play
  • Cruise Control
  • USB
  • LCD Screen
  • FM Radio
  • Power Mirrors
  • Remote Door Lock
  • Navigation
  • ABS
  • Power Windows
  • Air Bags
  • Stereo MP3/CD
  • Sunroof
  • Alloy Wheels


KIA Pegas 2023 Full Option: Comfort in Economy

The Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options is a B-segment sedan and it has some nice features that make it more comfortable and convenient to drive. Here are some of the safety features of this vehicle.


The engine used in the vehicle is a 1.4-liter three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, which produces 104 hp at 4,000 rpm and 148 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 rpm. It is coupled to a five-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic transmission, with either unit mated to an all-wheel drive system.

The engine is built on a modular design and it shares parts with other Kia models such as the Kia Rio, which was launched in 2009. The engine has been fitted with a dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) layout, which allows for better breathing and increased efficiency compared to single overhead camshaft (SOHC) engines.


The interior of the Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options is simple, clean, and functional. The vehicle looks good and has a modern feel to it. There are several different seating options available for both passengers and cargo. The front seats are comfortable and provide great support for long drives or intense work sessions. They also feature adjustable lumbar support that can help alleviate any back pain that may occur during the drive. The rear seat is also spacious and offers plenty of legroom for passengers in the back.


The exterior of this vehicle is sleek and modern looking but still provides a classic look to it as well. It features a wide body with protruding headlights that provide a nice contrast against the rest of the body style. It also features unique wheels that give it a sharp look when compared with other rental car models on the road today!

Safety Features

The Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options is a compact car that offers a lot of safety features and technology. The following are some safety features of this car:

  1. Post-collision braking system (PCBS) – This feature allows you to brake automatically after a collision, reducing the risk of injury or death. It also helps protect pedestrians by making sure they are not struck by your vehicle if it skids.
  2. Lane departure warning system (LDWS) – LDWS alerts drivers when they start to drift out of their lane, helping them keep control over their vehicle and avoid an accident.
  3. Blind spot detection (BSD) – BSD senses objects in your blind spots and alerts you when they are detected by your sensors, allowing you to avoid accidents caused by other drivers who may not be able to see what is coming into their blind spots at the same time as you can see it from your position in front of them.

Kia Pegas vs MG 5

Description Kia Pegas MG 5 2023
Engine 1.4 L 1.5 L
Seats 5 5
Doors 4 4
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Parking Sensors Yes Yes
Max Speed 170KM/h 200KM/h
Torque 13.5 / 4000 150
Tank Capacity 43 L 45 L
Mileage 17.5 KMPL (No Source) 12 KMPL
Power Steering Yes Yes
Trunk Space 475 (No Source) 479 – 1367
Keyless Entry Yes Yes
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Reverse Camera Yes 360
Horse Power 95 112
Ground Clearance 150 mm 138 mm
Acceleration 12.2 7.7


What are the interior features of Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options?

The Pegas offers cloth seats and a premium PVC interior. The dashboard is home to a 6-inch touch screen, an electronic 2-zone climate control system, and all of the dashboard's standard buttons and controls.

What is the engine performance of Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options?

This sedan features a 1.4 litre V3 MIVEC engine that runs on gasoline and is capable of producing about 114 HP of power with the fuel average of about 14-16 in city.

What is the trunk space in Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options?

The boot space of this car is about 280 litres.

Can 5 people sit comfortably in a Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options?

The car is supposed for 4 passengers and is registered as a 4 seater car. So 5 people might face difficulty, especially on long routes.

What is the cabin size of Kia Pegas 2023 Full Options?

The cabin size of the Pegas is decent. It’s a -segment compact sedan, good for normal and average passengers.


Ajeabi WilsonAjeabi Wilson
11:02 30 Mar 23
Experience was great with this service rental. The rates were a little higher than expected but I was encouraged to go for it if I need a car without complaints. Most bad reviews come from cheap and old models. I had read the reviews before and felt like no way but, the overall experience was also awesome. Thanks to Deva who was ver open and answered all my queries. I don’t know how the refund deposit will work as many people complain but so far I’m good.I had the Hyundai Accent. It’s amazing & I’ll have it all over again. Thank u Deva🤝
Lucas alexis GarrotLucas alexis Garrot
14:36 03 Jan 23
Very good experience. Price was affordable, and the car was received in perfect condition. All the staff were very helpful, and I encourage anyone considering to use their cars to proceed without hesitation.
I recently rented a car from a rental car company and overall had a good experience. The process of reserving and picking up the car was straightforward and efficient.The staff at the rental counter were friendly and helpful. I was able to find a competitive rate for the specific dates I needed.
Ibrahim HijaziIbrahim Hijazi
06:46 02 Jun 22
I just needed an inexpensive rental to use for work while I’m working on waiting for my ordered car to arrive and the prices were the best of all the rental companies I checked. I was impressed with the flexible and quick service. They delivered the vehicle to my place within 30 minutes of payment and even upgraded to a bigger vehicle for the same price. Will provide an update to the review once my rental is over.
James BJames B
18:22 30 May 22
Excellent and friendly service at a very competitive price. We will be happy to use them again. super service.
15:14 30 May 22
Great car hire deals, Helpful staff. Excellent service and are very professional. Will definitely use them again. great job.
Reese ValareiReese Valarei
12:33 26 May 22
Rented from a very nice fellow. Spoke very good English. Very helpful. Car was new. Process was quick and easy. excellent service.
Duddukunta SreedharDuddukunta Sreedhar
02:57 26 Mar 22
I was amazed to see that they can find any car at the lowest price. William helped me in finding a Range Rover with a red interior. I was given a comparison from all the top rental companies including Thrifty, Dollar, Budget and Hertz. The entire process was smooth and payment was done online. I received the car after 45 minutes once booking was confirmed. The drivers were friendly and made sure I was satisfied. Overall, I would hire from them again as my security was refunded within 7 days even though they said it takes about 14 days.
Maurice ConnaughtonMaurice Connaughton
23:03 02 Mar 22
I was looking for a Range Rover and Dale helped me in finding a fairly new car. We were happy with the vehicle and the agent called to confirm if we got the car on time. They are flexible in returning the car as their drivers came to pick it up from our place. Overall, good experience and no extra charges.

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