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Amex rent a car is one of the best car rental companies in the UAE. This is not a self-proclaimed title but rather the title that has been bestowed upon us by our customers. That is because time and time again, we have consistently proven our customer service to them. What we mean by this is the fact that we are committed to delivering the best cars on lease around Dubai at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other rental car deals at Amex.


It is for this reason that we have created a vast and extensive database of available cars in Dubai, Sharjah, and all other Emirates of UAE. However, there is more. The company is not only home to a large database but also holds several promotions consistently and periodically.

That is because we value your time and money immensely. By offering you seasonal and periodic promotions, we are showing you our commitment and dedication. Amex car rental is offering the below promotions to help you make the right choice of leasing the right car for your needs.

All our cars that have the promotions are well maintained and come with full insurance coverage. In short, we only provide you discounts on our best selection of cars. Discounts are for a limited time only.

Providing you with 24×7 customer service is also a part of our dedication and commitment to delivering you with the best rental car leasing experience ever. By allowing you to save money on a car lease, to cover your expenditure on a necessary item in your life. The discount will mainly apply to the monthly payments.


In any case, when you opt for the monthly option, you are also opting for the cheapest option and with a discount applied, it will become even cheaper. The fact remains that with the application of our promotions, you can be sure to grab the cheapest deal possible for the model of the car displayed.

Please keep in mind that only certain types of cars will have a promotional discount. The offer will be from 25-75% on selected cars. This value is only tentative and not fixed as it will be dependent on many factors at the time of the promotion like time of the year, the original value of the car, the model and make of the car, etc.

In short, all the promotional terms and conditions, as well as the specialties, will be decided by the company. Of course, we will always keep your best interests at heart and seek to provide you with the best deals.

Amex will deliver you with the highest quality service and with these promotions, receiving the car delivered to you free of cost is the best icing on the proverbial cake. A major obstacle is the problem of delivery which is now solved with this free delivery service as part of the promotion.

Hyundai Tucson 2018 in Blue

Renting a car in Dubai can be a confusing procedure but with Amex, we make it a point to simplify the process and make your time in Dubai as comfortable as possible. Rent a car deals are not easy to come by and many people wind up spending absurd amounts on their car renting costs. At Amex, we try our best to give you a great experience at an affordable cost. Our primary goal is to please our customers and offer the best services in the industry.

With Amex, we make it a point to be a trustworthy business that people come back to. We have reviews from customers that are happy with our services and continue to rent from us. This serves as a comfort for anyone looking into our company for the first time. Dubai, with its sweltering heat and abundance of attractions, is a shopping haven and a tourist’s dream.

Amex car rentals offer chauffeur services as well in case of preference wherein you can travel wherever you need to be without having to worry about time or location. Without a car of your own, people are often stuck using confusing and crowded public transportation.

Public transportation in Dubai may not take you to exactly the right spot so you will be paying an additional amount for a taxi. To stay away from these unnecessary costs, renting a car is a far better option.

We also offer doorstep delivery where you do not have to travel to even pick up your car. Our customer’s convenience is our priority and we drop your car off to you so everything is simplified.

If you want to arrive in style, Amex rentals also offer special limousine services for special occasions. This can be a one day hire or you can hire for a longer period of time. Even corporate travel is made as luxurious and comfortable as possible with Amex car rentals. We make it a point to offer special rates to all our corporate customers so that conducting business becomes something you look forward to.

Car rentals help you make the most of your time and Amex helps you with our flexible time schedules. No matter what your needs, we have a great rate and offer ready for you.

Booking is simplified as well. Rather than having to walk into the store and have tons of paperwork to deal with, you can book your preferred vehicle online. You can even call us or come into the store depending on your preference. We would be happy to give you a test run on the vehicle of your choice.

With a complicated road system, Dubai can be a little confusing for a tourist, in this case, our trained drivers are happy to help you get around. They will help you get to the place you want to go via the shortest route possible.

Dubai is ripe in attractions with the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, The famous Dubai mall with over 1200 retail stores, the Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, Mall of the Emirates, and more. Renting a car makes it easy to get to these amazing attractions on time and in comfort.

Burj Al-Arab sight view dubai

At Amex cars, we make it a point to make your journey as safe as possible, and in case of an accident, we will help you continue on your journey as quickly as possible and help get your car repaired. We have partnerships with various car repairers who will charge you a cost-friendly rate and help repair your car in no time.

During the repairing period, we also offer our customers a substitute vehicle and we also help with the insurance claim management to make your travel stress free and avoid roadblocks along the way.

We offer a range of cars to suit your every need and you can pick between whatever you feel comfortable with. All of our cars have a high amount of safety measures and have great interiors that are made of comfortable materials.

Airbags are a precautionary measure in our cars and we also have a lot of luggage space. You will have a plethora of spacious cars to choose from when you are traveling. Whether your preference lies in a sedan or a hatchback, we will help you pick the perfect car.

We also offer 24-hour online support so no matter what time zone you are in you can always enquire about a booking. The pickup and drop of are completely free and you will not have to worry about getting your car from us. With each booking, there is an additional complimentary wash and service that you can avail of.

With our exclusive rates and high quality, we have always been a brand that delivers. If you decide to cancel your booking, there will be absolutely no cancellation fees charged. We also help you with insurance plans to keep yourself safe in case of unforeseen accidents.

With unlimited mileage, you do not have to worry about how much you travel. Other car rental companies put a cap on the mileage but we have made it a point to not add extra costs for any travel time.

The criteria to be eligible for rent a car in Dubai is that you have to have a valid license and be of 21 years of age. Even though the legal driving age in the UAE is 21 years, the age to rent a vehicle is 21 and in some cases 25. You will also be asked to bring your passport when renting a car and a valid UAE visa.

With great services and hard-to-beat prices, making your time in Dubai as enjoyable as possible is our final goal. Renting a car is never a hassle with us and we assure you of the best service and features available in the car renting industry.

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