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Downtown Dubai provides modern city living for travellers and expatriates. This development is also home to several of Dubai’s attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, while Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall. Further, Burj Khalifa Lake hosts the tallest fountain system, known as Dubai Fountain.

Actually, Downtown Dubai is known as “The Center of Now” due to its many unique features. Expect many entertainment options, retail options, dining, and housing options. The area always amazes visitors with a fun, elegant, and metropolitan lifestyle.

It is also situated strategically at the heart of Dubai. When living in this area, you will find renting a car easily. You can book one online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

How to Rent Cheap Cars in Downtown Branch

The atmosphere of Dubai Downtown is thriving, and this place has everything you might have dreamt of. The neighbourhood attracts expatriates due to the multicultural nature, excellent amenities, and attractive lifestyle privileges. Here are the tips you will need to shop for a cheap car in this area and continue with your day-to-day living without problems.

Start Your Shopping on the Aggregator Sites

Start your rental car search on the aggregator sites, such as Priceline and Kayak. Aggregator sites allow you to see many rental car options at once and choose only the best rental car companies. If you are below the age of 25 years, you can filter the choices to remain with companies that accept customers below that age.

However, keep in mind that the plans will come with “underage driver fees.” You have to choose wisely.

Consolidator sites are also worth consideration. The sites compare rates from various companies, identify the best deals, and pass the savings to travellers. You have to pay the consolidator for their services, and they will issue you with a voucher to collect the car.

Still, you will have to ask about the restrictions and add-on fees. If issues arise after you get to the rental company-booking desk, you will have to call the consolidator for help.

Move to the Company Website and Compare the Rates

Aggregator websites will help you identify the cheapest car rental options in the UAE. Still, you will need to visit the actual car rental sites to confirm that the rental rates are the real ones. At times, the car rental company might offer you a better rate for booking through their website.

For instance, if Expedia shows that the best rental rates are from Budget, visit the Budget site and search for the rental. This method does not always work, but it is worth trying.

Choose the Right Car

You will have to decide between cars with manual transmission and automatic transmission. Keep in mind that automatic cars are more expensive than those with manual transmission are, and they might only be available for people who upgrade to bigger cars.

Also, you have to decide on the amount of passenger room and trunk space you need. Midrange vehicles will have less room for passengers and more trunk space. If you need more passenger room, you should be ready to spend more money.

When checking on the available options, you are likely to come across familiar models like the Ford and VW. Further, you should expect some unfamiliar models like Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Skoda, Renault, and Seat. Avoid spending much time on the model selection. The rental car company will provide you with a model similar to your preferred one.

Choose the smallest, less-expensive model to save money. If a need arises, you can upgrade to a larger car. However, if you are travelling as a group, you will have to choose a larger car.

Select the Best Pick-up and Drop-off Location and Time

Starting your driving experience far from the big city is always a good experience. So, select the best car pick up and drop off location. Dubai Downtown holds many iconic landmarks, such as The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. It is also home to several globally known restaurants, public parks, cafes, culinary adventures in addition to the Dubai Fountain.

If one of your goals is to explore the urban jungle, you have to select the car pick up and drop off location properly.

To avoid paying more, avoid premium rental locations. Premium locations include high-traffic areas like airports. People prefer the locations because they can get off their flight and drive to their hotel room without relying on public transport.

Unfortunately, that means that car rental prices are high in such locations. Further, you have to avoid selecting pick up points near train stations.

Most car rental companies offer many car pick-ups and drop-off locations. During the booking, remember to choose the car pick-up and drop-off location. Also, remember to enter your travel date and time. That way, you will get your car at the agreed place.

Book with the Free Cancellation Option

This is among the best ways to get cheap car rentals in Dubai. Search for cars with free cancellation option and book several of them. Wait for the rates to get lower and cancel those that you do not want.

Besides, you can cancel all the bookings if you find better offers later. This will not always work, but it is worth trying.

Skip the Insurance

Car rental companies in Dubai will try to sell their insurance plans to you. Nonetheless, you will have to avoid insurance if your key goal is to enjoy the lowest car rental rates. Most people do not require the offered insurance covers rental companies offer.

If you already have a personal insurance cover, it might cover the car rental. Check the elements of your auto cover. After that, check what the rental company insurance cover offers. Buy only what you need.

Wrap Up

Downtown Dubai is a good place to stay when travelling in the UAE. Expect many hotels, restaurants, and other attractions in the neighbourhood. This part of Dubai has it all. You will have many things to see and do while exploring the UAE.

This guide will help you rent a cheap car in Dubai and have it delivered to your doorstep. You will never rely on public transport.

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