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Etihad Mall is situated in the heart of Dubai comprising international and domestic brands. Tourists are attracted to this place due to the global variety of tastes available in one single place. Those people who are looking for a spot where they can find everything in one place must visit Dubai Etihad Mall.


Besides, in a place like this everyone needs a ride to get a comfortable journey. Finding a car rental could be hard for many people.  It is not like finding cheap hotels and airfare services.

Where to look for the Best Deals?

Over the years, renting a car has become quite a traveling trend. If you lack knowledge about rental cars you may end up spending so much money. Furthermore,  getting the best deal is all about money. For all people who value their money, we have selected some easy tips to save your precious money.

Search Car rental Prices

Car rentals come with various price ranges in Dubai. Depending on the car model, brand, type the prices could fluctuate easily. It is best to keep a check on prices to find the cheapest car rental in Dubai.

However, If you are looking for a place to start check the prices on Rental Cars UAE. Our site has a long list of vehicles including all car types luxury, economy, vans, trucks, etc.

By simply adding your travel date (start & end) and pickup location.

Check the Car rental charges online

While checking online prices of car rentals you can get great deals. On online booking, you can also get discounts on specific days and specific vehicles.

Our company also offers its customers free pickup and delivery. On the other hand, looking online you get to choose from a vast variety. Our dealers also give free assistance to all the clients, so it is worth looking at online sites.

Compare Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rental Charges

The car rental prices also depend on travel duration. Mostly the weekly car rental gets you the best deal. Daily car rental in Dubai is more affordable in case you are hiring a car for a day or two. If you need a car more than that you should hire a car for a week.

Because for a day prices can be different than prices for a week or month. The option to monthly rent a car is convenient if you are planning a long stay in the city so, choose accordingly.

 Pro tip: If you value money drop your car back at the same time when you pick up your car. This way you can save extra day car rental charges easily.

Avoid Car Hiring from the airport

The car rental charges also depend on your location. Like if you rent a car in Dubai just outside the airport you will be asked for extra charges.

The best option is to rent a car a few miles away from the airport. To do that you can get a taxi that can leave you a bit further from the airport facility. So that you can save your money for good.

Book a Compact Car (small car)

Although it is not very ideal to rent a compact car on a vacation. But if you want to save money compact cars do the job quite well

  • Firstly, Compact cars are easy to maneuver in a place like Dubai.
  • Secondly, Parking is easy due to its compact size also it does not require much area for parking.
  • Thirdly, The fuel consumption is low which will ultimately save you money

But if you can afford another car or you want to hire a medium car/luxury car just go for it. In Dubai, car rental is not so expensive because of high competition.  You could end up saving money rather than spending money on taxis and other public transport.


During a vacation or for an important client meeting no matter where you are traveling. In Dubai, the best car deals can only be found in one place which is rental cars UAE. With this in mind, book your favorite car now.

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