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dubai airport travel

Travel from Dubai Airport to your Hotel

How Do I Get From Dubai Airport To My Hotel? There are numerous ways to get to your hotel from the airport in Dubai. Firstly, if you are traveling to Dubai, you will require a NOL card for movement because metro buses and water buses run a cashless payment system. This article is going to tell Read more ...

activate salik

How to Activate Salik?

What is Salik and how to activate it? The Salik system is used by the Road & Transport Authority in Dubai to enhance the traffic flow in the city. If you buy a car in Dubai, a Salik tag is one of the first things you have to get.  You have to paste it on your vehicle's windscreen to drive t Read more ...

car lost belongings

How to Recover my Lost Belongings from a Rental Car in Dubai?

Tips to Recover the Lost Belongings from a Rental Car in Dubai Renting a car is popular with tourists. It is more convenient, affordable, and reliable compared to standard public transportation.  Car rental also saves you money, thanks to the available special bonuses and discount rates from ca Read more ...


Why You Should Use a Car Subscription Service in 2021

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities. The process of acquiring one can also be pretty difficult. So, what if you can have access to any vehicle of your choice every month? This is what you get from a monthly subscription for rental Read more ...

cost of renting car in Abu Dhabi

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car In Abu Dhabi?

The average rate per day can be around 70 - 100 AED. Compared to other places, car rents are cheaper in Abu Dhabi. With the best deals and offers, you can find a daily service for less than 50 AED as well. With a spectacular desert expanse, Abu D Read more ...

remove black points from License

How Can I Remove Black Points from License?

Steps to Remove Black Points from License Black Points are designed to maintain traffic safety. They are best described as score points that show that you are breaking traffic rules. In total, there are twenty-four black points. Any driver that scores this total gets a one-year suspension of licens Read more ...

Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online?

You can use the RTA (Road & Transport Authority) website to pay your traffic fines online. Visit the official RTA website and navigate to the Service tab.  From here, click on the Driver & Car Owner Services menu. Next, filter through the payment options Read more ...

Salik Toll Gate Dubai

How to Avoid Salik While Driving in Dubai?

It is a standard procedure to get a Salik tag if you want to drive through the toll gates in Dubai. Salik is the electronic toll system in the city and it is operated by the RTA. This system is designed to improve the smooth flow of traffic around the toll Read more ...


How Much Does It Cost To Get a Driving License in Dubai?

Simple Answer: The cost of getting a driving license in Dubai is between AED 4,500 to AED 7,000 approximately depending on many factors and circumstances. Please note that this expense is only in the case if you will manage to pass the final Read more ...

suitable time to get a car for rent

What is a suitable time to get a car for rent?

What is the suitable time to get a car for rent It is the most important factor to keep in mind that rates of rental cars keep changing throughout the week. Prices may change due to some factors; like specific holiday, model of the car, car renting company, etc. All rental companies try their best Read more ...

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