Book a car with a driver

How to book a car with a driver?  Booking a car with a driver in Dubai is an ideal option for corporate workers, including top managers and executives. If you are not familiar with the road networks and the terrain, it is best to book a car with a driver in Dubai for a seamless transportation e ... Read more

How to Activate Salik?

What is Salik and how to activate it? The Salik system is used by the Road & Transport Authority in Dubai to enhance the traffic flow in the city. If you buy a car in Dubai, a Salik tag is one of the first things you have to get.  You have to paste it on your vehicle's windscreen to drive t ... Read more

How Can I Remove Black Points from License?

Steps to Remove Black Points from License Black Points are designed to maintain traffic safety. They are best described as score points that show that you are breaking traffic rules. In total, there are twenty-four black points. Any driver that scores this total gets a one-year suspension of licens ... Read more

How to Pay Traffic Fines Online?

You can use the RTA (Road & Transport Authority) website to pay your traffic fines online. Visit the official RTA website and navigate to the Service tab.  From here, click on the Driver & Car Owner Services menu. Next, filter through the payment options ... Read more

How to Avoid Salik While Driving in Dubai?

It is a standard procedure to get a Salik tag if you want to drive through the toll gates in Dubai. Salik is the electronic toll system in the city and it is operated by the RTA. This system is designed to improve the smooth flow of traffic around the toll ... Read more

Ukraine, UAE Consensus on Recognition, Exchange of Driver’s License

Good news for Ukraine residents: UAE now accepting Ukraine License Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement to exchange driver's licenses. The Deputy Prime Minister & the UAE's Minister of Interior (Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan) and Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov ... Read more

Cheapest Car Rental Offers in Dubai from 800 AED

Cheapest Rent a Car Offers in Dubai from 800 AED Nowadays, renting a car seems to be the best and appreciable transportation option among tourists in Dubai. Tourists can now move around the beautiful city of Dubai in their desired hired car. Generally, hiring a car is beneficial and less expensi ... Read more

Rent a Car in Dubai for 500 AED per Month

Cheapest car rental in Dubai Are you looking to rent a car in Dubai per month? Whether you are a resident of Dubai or a visitor and are interested in changing a car, this article is for you. Technology has made things easier for you. What you need to do before visiting car hire in Dubai, you can ch ... Read more

Driving a rental car from Dubai to Oman

Renting a car in Dubai When you are in Dubai as a tourist, as a business trip, or for any other reason, you will move around the city almost effortless. In fact, the first thought that come to your mind. You want to go to all places you can go and things you can do. Sometimes, you may just want ... Read more

Why UAE celebrates union day ?

Why UAE celebrates "The Union Day's Excitement"? National Day is just around the corner. While some will spend their time to travel, some will stay in their country; they are now calling their homeland; a land to enjoy the holiday festivities. Long weekends are great, and we will all enjoy the ext ... Read more

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