Dubai Investment Park 

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Dubai Investments Park is working under the influence of Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. It is a unique commercial, and residential zone spread over 2300 hectares. Meanwhile, the 1,700 hectares area is offering mixed-use rented zones. It is a place inside Dubai that provides a world-class framework and exceptional offices and administrations. 

Dubai Investments Park is also known as DIP. It is a blended-use advancement built over a territory of 5,683 sections of land. Moreover, it is one of the freehold zones of Dubai that offers a mix of both business and private properties. You will find plenty of industrial and commercial complexes for workplaces furnished with retail space and seven private sub-networks.


What Does Dubai Investments Park Offer?

Dubai Investment Park has extensive landscaping with a keen focus on green and clean atmosphere.  It is also one of the most environment-friendly developments in the area with eco-friendly policies.

This development offers a wide range of villas, townhouses, and apartments in the residential community. However, Dubai Investments Park provides an extraordinary foundation while giving various pleasantries. 


Important Highlights of the Dubai Investments Park 

The area is constructed in such a manner that both residential and commercial benefits can be attained. You can enjoy the contemporary and traditional architectural features in the residential community. Along with the class, the area is also serving some of its regions to streams and landscapes. 

Furthermore, different courtesies are effectively available for inhabitants in the DIP. The best thing about DIP is that it is the vicinity of Al Maktoum International Airport. 


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The Final Highlights 

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