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Ford is one of the oldest and most revered names in the history of automobiles. At this point, Henry Ford and the Model T have achieved legendary status as the carmaker and car that gave us the modern world as we know it. 

It’s because of Ford that cars became the most common way to go anywhere in the 20th century. Nowadays the company continues to offer its clients a wide variety of cars, from supercars like the Ford GT top sedans and SUVs to muscle cars and pickup trucks, Ford has something for everyone! 

What Sets Ford Apart From the Rest?

Ford as a brand is synonymous with everything related to cars, whether it’s driving day to day on the road, or racing on the track. In fact, Ford’s exploits in the world of motorsport are the stuff of legend, with its rivalry with Italian giant Ferrari even being featured in a major motion picture! 

Needless to say, Ford is one of the United States’ most beloved car makers, and is also a part of American culture, maintaining its relevance across generations. Nowadays, you can find a Ford vehicle anywhere, from busy city streets and large metropolitan areas to the outskirts with farmland and open countryside. 

Ford is also well-known as one of the premier names in the American muscle car world, due to its association with Shelby American company.

Which Ford Car is the Best to Rent?

Ford provides a wide range of choices for its consumers, spanning from SUVs to hatchbacks! Whatever you want to drive, Ford has you covered! The Ford Escape, the Ecosport 2021, the Explorer SUV, and the Edge 2021 are some of the top selections you should absolutely take for a test drive.

Looking Closer at the Specs

If you’ve decided on the sort of Ford car you’d want to rent, you should also consider engine size and power, fuel economy, and other quality of life elements.

For instance, the Ford Escape is an excellent choice if you want a smaller and more family-friendly car that will provide you with suitable mileage as well as a basic quality of life amenities. 

If you want something roomier, robust, and elegant, the Explorer is the way to go. This stunning SUV not only has a lot of horsepowers, but it also allows you to travel in luxury. It also has a rear camera, cruise control, Bluetooth, navigation, and much more!

How to Drive a Ford Car Today?

If you want to test drive one of the mentioned Ford vehicles, be sure to contact rentalcarsuae.com for all of your vehicle rental concerns. You can experience the true power of American muscle yourself by driving a Ford. All you have to do is go to our homepage, follow the simple step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be driving in no time!

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