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Rent Amount

  • Rent AED 2800


  • Car Delivery Charges AED 0
  • Car Pickup Charges AED 0
  • Super CDW AED 325
  • Additional Driver AED 150

Booking Amount

  • VAT (5%) AED 140
  • Total Amount AED 2940

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  • AED 2800 / Month
  • AED 1190 / Week
  • AED 170 / Day
Rental Period Rental Cost Mileage Limit
Daily AED 170 200
Weekly AED 1190 800
Monthly AED 2800 3000

There are plenty of other qualities that make this vehicle unique, like the fact that it glides over undulations with so much ease. Its straight-line stability is excellent. If you’re familiar with Hyundai’s design, then you’ll know that the cascading grille, tail lamps, and split headlamps are new additions to the latest global design of the brand.

Car Features

  • Bluetooth Yes

  • Parking Sensors Yes

  • Reverse Camera Yes

  • USB Yes

  • LCD Screen Yes

  • Power Mirrors Yes

  • Remote Door Lock Yes

  • Navigation Yes

  • ABS Yes

  • Power Windows Yes

  • Air Bags Yes

  • Stereo MP3/CD Yes

Car Specifications

  • Transmission Automatic

  • Engine Size 1.6 L

  • Luggage 3

  • Doors 4

  • Seats 4

  • Fuel Type Petrol

Extra Details

  • Monthly Mileage 3000

  • Weekly Mileage 800

  • Daily Mileage 200

  • Security Deposit 1200

  • Excess Claim 1500

  • Delivery & Pickup Free

  • Cancellation Free

This gives the car a somewhat stylish look. Of course, the car has other striking elements like the split-DRLs, floating roof, and lines on the side. It has a rear that looks unusual, which helps the vehicle stand out amidst the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much I will be charged for crossing salik gate?

    You will be charged AED 5 on every salik gate crossing and will be billed at the end of your rental duration.
  • What type of vehicle insurance will I receive by default?

    All vehicles are covered by full comprehensive insurance as per the UAE laws. However, a police report must be obtained at time of an accident. If the renter fails to give a valid police report to car provider, all charges incurred will be responsibility of the renter. In case of an accident the customer is required to pay excess liability if CDW is not taken.
  • When will I get my security deposit back?

    The security deposit will be released in 21 working days after returning the car on the same card, cheque or UAE bank account.
  • What if I exceed allowed kms?

    If you exceed the allowed kms then there will be additional charge of 0.50 AED per kilometer.
  • What is the minimum age limit to hire this vehicle?

    The supplier of this vehicle needs the driver to be minimum 21 years of age.
  • What documents are required to deliver your vehicle after online booking?

    For Residents

    • 1. Passport
    • 2. Emirates ID
    • 3. UAE Driving License (Minimum 6 months old)
    • 4. Driver should be a minimum of 21 years old

    For Tourists

    • 1. Passport
    • 2. Tourists Visa or Entry Stamp
    • 3. Driving License / International Driver's Permit
    • 4. Driver should be a minimum of 21 years old
  • What is the fuel policy?

    You will have to return the vehicle at the same level of fuel at which you received the car. Otherwise, the rental company will charge you for the fuel plus additional administrative fees up to 50 AED.
  • Is delivery and pickup free?

    We offer free delivery and pickup of all vehicles anywhere in Dubai. However, if the duration is less than 30 days, you will have to pay for delivery and pickup. There are promotions where you can get free delivery of the vehicle.
  • How is the rental duration calculated?

    It is important that vehicle is returned at the same time when it was received on date of return. The customer should inform the rental company if there is any change of plan. There will be additional day charged if the rental car is not returned on time.
  • How is the engine performance of Hyundai Creta ?

    In terms of performance, this car doesn't do badly. This new Hyundai Creta comes with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine with a DCT gearbox. The engine develops 138 horsepower of peak power and also comes with a healthy torque of 242 Nm. Summary, in daily driving conditions, this car will perform just fine.
  • What are the features of Hyundai Creta?

    Hyundai Creta is not one of those cars that miss out on the basic convenience features that come with modern cars, nowadays. It has all the necessary modern features and more. The power mirror is a side-view mirror that has the electrical means for both horizontal and vertical adjustment from within the vehicle. This means you can fold your side mirror without having to manually reach outside to do it.  Creta has automatic headlights that come on when they detect darkness. You also get Bose sound system which allows you to listen to high-quality audio, ambient lighting which enhances design while creating a calming effect as you drive. It comes with up to six airbags, and electronic stability control (ESC). There's also the electronic stability control (ESC) feature which is a technology that enhances the stability of a vehicle. It does this by detecting and minimizing traction loss. The way this works is that the ESC light will come on whenever the computer is trying to keep the vehicle under control. This light will stay on as long as the vehicle is not under control yet, giving you a clue that something is not right.
  • Is there any infotainment system available in Hyundai Creta ?

    The smartphone connectivity helps you sync your phone to your car and get stuff done easily. There are also features like TPMS, an integrated air purifier, and BlueLink connectivity. All these are supposed to make driving easier and more fun for you.  Hyundai Creta gives you a panoramic sunroof, allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, comes with ventilated front seats and a powered driver's seat. There's also the 0.25-inch sized touchscreen infotainment system. This even comes with connected car tech. 

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Customer Reviews

Maedeh MokhtariMaedeh Mokhtari
14:08 09 Nov 21
Good car company , easy to work with if you are not living in UAE, I used them 2-3 times, they offered good rate, good car with good condition and brought it in time to my location.it is pity they don’t deliver at the airport….anyway in total I am happy in using their service and hope they keep providing their service same and better
Jalen TolbertJalen Tolbert
05:56 03 Nov 21
Best customer and reliable service in UAE. I like the way they work. Very transparent and supportive. No hidden charges, not like some other agency who asked you to drop the car to their workshop or extra charges. Road assistance is included too, they will come right away wherever you are and resolve any issues.The price is very good, you can always. Talk to them about your unique requirements. They so responsive.I have been with them since 08/2020 using Kia Pegas 2020, been always a happy customer!Keep your good work up.
Laura HendersonLaura Henderson
08:20 16 Sep 21
Such an understanding company.. Really co-operative, quick and helpful. One worker was especially kind and understanding. Thanks for being great
13:16 18 Aug 21
Two thumbs up! Very accommodating and professional services.
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