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Renting a car is a great idea, particularly if you are planning to stay in Dubai for over one year. You do not want to buy a car, use it for a short time, and then sell it. Apart from a large amount of money you require to buy one, you will require money to pay for the insurance cover and service costs. Moreover, you will lose a lot of money in the form of depreciation when it comes to selling it.

Rental car companies in Dubai provide both cheap and luxurious rental cars for travellers and expatriates. They will provide you with the type of car you need and exactly when you need it. Further, you can keep the rental car for the number of days you want.

Unfortunately, the car searching and renting process can be daunting for new travellers. For that reason, we have prepared this guide to help you search and compare car rental deals in Dubai.

Searching for Better Car Rental Deals in Dubai

When searching for the best car rental deals in Dubai, you have to start online. Dubai has many car rental companies, and each of them has something unique for you. You will always get a car to match your business or personal needs. Here are the tips you need to get the best deals.

Surf Internet

Always start your rental car search on the internet. The internet offers many rental options, and landing the cheapest deals is easier. You can search for two ways. First, you can use popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo Search to identify the best deals in Dubai.

The search engines will display many rental car companies with reviews and rankings. Go through all customer reviews to know the quality of services each company offers. The reviews will also tell you about the pricing and reliability of the offered cars.

The second method involves the use of third-party car rental sites to identify better deals. Some of the leading sites to consider are Kayak,, and The sites list deals from many rental companies in Dubai.

Therefore, you will easily identify the cheapest car rental deals and choose the companies to contact. They further offer shoppers an option of filtering car rental options according to the price, car models, and travel dates. Use them to reduce your shopping time.

Do Adequate Research

When searching for a rental car, you should know your needs. The internet offers all the types of information you need. So, if you need a cheap car rental in Dubai, you have to know the lowest price to expect. Further, you should have an idea about the pricing of various car makes and models.

That way, you will get the best deal and avoid spending more money than necessary.

Contact the Car Rental Companies

The internet will equip you with the information you need about car rentals. Therefore, your next step should be contacting the car rental company for the booking part. Contact them directly and ask them about their daily, weekly, and monthly deals.

Some companies offer special deals on holidays and on weekends. If you have any discount vouchers or coupon codes, use them at this stage to reduce your spending on car rental.

Rental car companies display their rental rates in the pricing sections of their websites. Avoid going for luxurious cars in the expensive categories. Some companies charge lower rental fees for luxurious cars than others do. So, do thorough research before visiting any car rental site or contacting them.

Factors to Consider When Searching for a Rental Car

Further, there are many important factors to consider when searching and comparing rental car deals in Dubai. Rental car companies require you to fulfill several requirements to qualify for rental services. Here are a few of the factors to consider.

Location of the Dubai Car Rental Company

Dubai has many car rental companies. Some of the companies have offices in premium locations such as the airport. You do not want to rent a car in such a place because you will end up paying more than necessary. So, contact the car rental company of your choice to know whether their location affects the rental price.

The Car Insurance

Car insurance is the other important factor to consider when shopping for the best deals in Dubai. Some companies will try to sell you their insurance products so that they can make more money. Nevertheless, if you already have a personal insurance policy, you do not need any of the covers they offer. Your insurance policy might cover your car rentals too.

The Type of Car Rental You Need for Your Travel

Rental car companies in Dubai have a wide range of vehicles. That makes it easier for their clients to find an automobile to fit their travel needs. Consider the number of passengers you will have to carry and the places you are planning to tour. That way, you will avoid problems.

Car Rental Terms

You have to consider all the rental terms before you make your final decision. Read all the details and contact the car rental company for clarification on the parts you do not understand. Failure to comply with the rental terms may cost you more money.

Condition of the Rental Car

Before you drive away in the rental car, ensure that it is in perfect condition. Remember to check for any signs of damages inside and outside the car. If there are any problems, ask the company to fix them or provide you with another car.

Rental Price

Rental companies charge different rates for the same service. For that reason, get several quotes on the type of rental car you need. That way, you will always rent from the best company and get better deals.

Wrap Up

The above tips will help you identify the best car rental deals in Dubai. You can rent a luxurious or economy car depending on your plans. Always book in advance and remember to read the terms and conditions of each car rental company. That way, you will avoid paying more on the car rentals.

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