What is Super CDW and what it covers

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Super CDW provides additional coverage and protection beyond our standard insurance policies, ensuring that you can enjoy your rental experience with peace of mind.

Super CDW Includes:

  • Protection In Case of Total Loss: With Super CDW, customers are fully covered, they do not have to pay 10% of the car price in the case of total loss. It minimizes financial liability and provides added security during their rental period.
  • Flood Damage Coverage: Dubai’s weather can be unpredictable, and flooding is a risk that cannot be ignored. Super CDW provides coverage for flood damage, ensuring that our customers are safe against unforeseen circumstances caused by inclement weather.
  • Fuel Top-Up Service: Running out of fuel can be a frustrating experience while giving the car back with Super CDW, customers have the convenience of our fuel top-up service, allowing them to continue their journey without interruption.
  • Car Wash Coverage: We believe in providing our customers with a clean and well-maintained vehicle for their rental period. With Super CDW, customers do not have to worry about giving dirty car back to avoid cleaning charges.
  • Natural Disaster Protection: Dubai is prone to natural disasters such as sandstorms and heavy rains. Super CDW offers protection against damage caused by these events, giving customers added peace of mind during their rental experience.

Company Policy:

  • Super CDW is optional and can be added to your rental agreement at an additional cost.
  • Customers must inform our staff at the time of rental if they wish to opt for Super CDW.
  • Super CDW coverage is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the rental agreement.
  • Customers are encouraged to review the Super CDW policy details carefully to understand the extent of coverage provided.
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