Complete Guide to Cars with Boot Spaces

It’s common to rent a car, which may be utilized for a variety of purposes, from getting around town to providing a larger vehicle for a family trip. Just as crucial as the vehicle’s passenger capacity and driving characteristics are, its storage capabilities are too. Depending on your own luggage needs, you must rent a car with a sufficient boot seating capacity. Continue reading as we get into the details so that you can choose a vehicle based on these specifications and your requirements.

Regular Size

Most hatchbacks and sedans have a boot space of 280-290 Liters. This allows room to store two-three medium-sized bags. Such spaces are often ideal for solo or small groups who don’t have a lot of luggage.

Crossover Vehicles

Cars like the Nissan Juke or RAV4 or any other crossover SUV rental have a deep trunk capacity that can accommodate more than three bags. It makes long drives more fun and comfortable as you have plenty of legroom and seating space. Thanks to the 360-400 Liters boot space; such cars are suitable for a group of three to four people.

Large SUVs

With a capacity of 440-650 Liters of cargo space, these high-end luxury SUV rental Dubai cars offer plenty of room for large-sized bags. With this much space, occupants can not only store their bags but will also have enough room for other equipment. This also means that the price to rent a luxury car will be higher. That being said, it is a good choice for large families who want to go on road trips or camping.


Known to be one of the biggest vehicles in the lot, they come with a boot volume of 700-300 Liters. Access is easy, and some cars allow the seats to slide individually so that you can prioritize boot space or legroom.

In Conclusion

You need to find a car rental company that offers an expansive fleet, allowing you to choose a vehicle based on your budget, needs, and other specific requirements. For instance, if you are in a small group, you could go in for a car with a smaller space. This not only saves you money but ensures you get value for money. Similarly, if you are a large group, the amount of luggage will also be more, so it will be better to go in for a bigger-sized car. Either way, the company should also be able to provide you with a choice, so selecting one is easy.

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