Renting a car in Dubai

When you are in Dubai as a tourist, as a business trip, or for any other reason, you will move around the city almost effortless. In fact, the first thought that come to your mind. You want to go to all places you can go and things you can do.

Sometimes, you may just want to hop in a taxi or a bus and get here and there. Sometimes you may want to have a taste of what it is to drive around this beautiful city. For this, you start to consider rent a car in Dubai.

Renting a car in Dubai is fairly easy. The keys are knowing where you would want to go, with whom and what you are going. Based on how often you want to go, and the types of roads you may be going on for sightseeing.

With all these in mind, you are able to tell kind of car you may need. So you would need a luxury car, a regular salon car, a van or a 4×4.

Knowing the type of car you would need make your search easier. If you are a first-timer in Dubai and need to rent a car in Dubai, you may do your research. With research, you can do comparisons to determine what car rental services would best suits you.

Another key is making sure that you have the necessary documents and status to rent a car, and you know the rules. Next key is making sure to find out that car rental company  has the cars you want. Check if they are in top shape, you know their rules, their support services are good. Once all these are in place, you are good to go with renting a car in Dubai.


Driving in Dubai

Now, driving around Dubai can be a breeze! The roads are great, the sceneries are breathtaking, and the gas is cheap. You may experience traffic, and pay toll in some areas, as it is not out of place in many other countries.

If you are used to driving on the left, then you may need a day or two. Then you would get used to driving on the right in Dubai.


Driving out of Dubai

When visiting Dubai, you could actually give yourself added treats like visiting neighboring cities. You get to have a feel of and enjoy the luxuries of Dubai.Then you also get to see some other cities or states for an added experience.

Driving around Dubai is an experience to love, and driving out of Dubai is simply breath-taking. And guess what? You get to have a fun and adventurous road trip of about 4 to 5 hours. This would be to Oman from Dubai, through beautiful landscapes.


Rental car from Dubai to Oman 

Not all car rentals are allowed to cross borders. You cannot rent a car for your road trip to Oman, from Dubai casually. You need to find out the car rentals if they are allowed into Oman.

Driving across borders alone, with family, friends, colleagues, or a tour guide, maybe adventurous, but scary for some. But to be sure that you are on the safe side and not violating any rules, you would want to check this:

Make sure you have your passport and its validity is not less than 6 months. Also be sure that your visa is still valid, or that you have the correct visa. You cannot use a Dubai visa for entry into Oman.

Before leaving, find out if people from your nationality requires you to obtain an e-visa to Oman. Otherwise, you could obtain your visa when you arrive Oman. If you need to apply for e-visa, then do that for you and for anyone travelling with you.

You need to have a certificate from the Dubai Car rental certifying that you can drive that vehicle. This is a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Have the car insurance. You should ascertain that from the car rental company. You may also buy an Omani car insurance plan at the border.

After your visit to Oman, and you are set to ride back to Dubai. However, they give you an exit stamp. Be sure to get that exit stamp so that you are not prevented from exiting Oman.



In conclusion, yes you can drive a rental car from Dubai to Oman.  For which, you have the necessary documentation and observe all the necessary requirements listed in this article.

If you have already rented a car for the week and spontaneously decided to take a road trip to Oman, Check with your rentals.  the All rental car does not have all that is a requirement for that trip. So check with them to provide you with all the necessary documentation.

Also, make sure that you are officially ready for the road trip from Dubai to Oman.

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